Home Sports The four teams of the Chinese Super League are all in the championship team, and the state of the country is worrying.

The four teams of the Chinese Super League are all in the championship team, and the state of the country is worrying.

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Original title: The Football Association Cup is out of the Super League four teams are the championship team, the state of national security is worrying

Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) In the 1/16 finals of the Football Association Cup last night, Beijing Guoan, who was ill-staffed, drew 1 to 1 with Sichuan Jiuniu, a penalty kick 2 to 3, within 90 minutes. Lost to the opponent, the total score was lost 3 to 4, and stopped in the top 32 of the FA Cup.

Beijing Guoan coach Bilic said before the game that the performance of young players will be his biggest expectation for this game. In the case of 6 internationals being recruited and foreign aids not returning, the Croatian adopted a new and old lineup in the starting list. Except for Liang Shaowen, Chen Yanpu and He Xiaoqiang, three young players who did not represent the first team before, other positions All are served by the “familiar faces” of the Super League.

Compared with Sichuan Jiu Niu, who has just finished the third stage of the Chinese Premier League and still maintains a good game state and rhythm, Beijing Guoan, who has been disorganized, has obviously not recovered its status. After all, their last official game was against Shanghai Shenhua on August 15 Rematch. Although Wang Ziming received Cao Yongjing’s assists in the 28th minute, the score was evened by Zhang Jiaqi in the first half of injury time for Sichuan Jiuniu.

Both sides failed to score any more goals after changing sides and drew 1 to 1 in 90 minutes of regular time. According to the rules of the Football Association Cup, the match is directly decided by a penalty kick. Wang Ziming, who appeared first, missed a penalty kick. Although Hou Sen saved Xiao Kun’s shot in the third round, Liu Huan and Yang Fan missed penalty kicks in the 4th and 5th rounds and lost the penalty kick 2 to 3. 3 to 4 was eliminated by Sichuan Jiuniu.

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Through the first two match days of the main match, the top 16 of the Football Association Cup have all emerged, and the 4 Chinese Super League teams have stopped in the top 32, namely Guangzhou (lost to Qingdao Qingchundao) and Guangzhou City (lost to Sichuan Rongcheng in penalty shoot-out) ), Beijing Guoan and Hebei team (0 to 1 loss to Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic). It is worth mentioning that the 4 teams are all teams in the Super League championship this season.

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