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The future of the bike is electric: even the big motorized cars are converted to e-bikes

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An iconic two-wheeler brand like Harley Davidson has focused on electrification to modernize the business and rejuvenate its brand image. He did so with an all-electric motorcycle model, the Live Wire, but also betting on two-wheeled pedals, to which he dedicated a separate company.

“Harley has one brand awareness close to 100%, but one relevance 15-16% when it comes to buying – comments Aaron Frank, brand director of the ebike division -: the bike naturally eliminates barriers since 80% of people know how to ride two wheels and it is a rapidly growing market, especially as regards e-bikes ».

This is why Harley Davidson launched three Series1 ebike models a year ago, entirely developed in-house, borrowing some solutions from motorcycles such as the transmission belt instead of the chain. All three dedicated to “affluent bike commuter”, Those high-end consumers who are abandoning the car as a privileged means of mobility: a year ago in the United States and Germany, since June also in Italy.

From Harley Davidson to Valentino Rossi

But the iconic Easy Rider motorcycle is not the only brand in the motoring world to make the leap towards two-wheeled pedals, strictly electric: Ducati, Mv Agusta, Triumph, Bmw and Matchless have done it, but also brands four-wheelers like Porsche.

An Italian brand like Fantic Motor, in search of a relaunch, has not only focused on the old Caballero, but also on the ebike. Just as Valentino Rossi, at the farewell step of the official races, has chosen a pedal assisted bike for those who want to continue racing in his name.

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