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The German route to Wembley

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The German route to Wembley

The road to Wembley: Madrid begins their Champions League campaign in Germany

Real Madrid’s journey to Wembley starts in Germany, and it is a certain German player who will set the pace for them. Toni Kroos, a beacon for the team in their Champions League endeavors, remains a pivotal figure in Madrid’s squad. The 34-year-old has won five European Cups, one with Bayern and four with Madrid, making him a reliable and authoritative presence on the field.

The question of Kroos’ future remains unanswered, with the player himself admitting that he has yet to make a decision. At a press conference, Kroos expressed his desire to be asked to stay rather than being told to leave, hinting at the possibility of a new contract with Madrid for the 2024-25 season. His metronome precision and instrumental role in the team has made him a fan favorite, with the Bernabéu offering him a blank contract in each game.

While the German Federation has expressed interest in having Kroos play at the Euro next summer, the player also indicated that he is considering other “projects” beyond football. This uncertainty contrasts with the future plans of his midfield partner, Luka Modric, who seems to be considering a move to a more exotic and perhaps more lucrative destination.

As Madrid prepares to face RB Leipzig in their opening Champions League match, the absence of Jude Bellingham, Leipzig’s standout player, has added a layer of challenge for the Spanish side. However, veteran players like Kroos remain a reliable force for the team, providing stability and composure in high-stakes matches.

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Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s manager, remains confident in the team’s ability to navigate this intense duel against Leipzig. The match is expected to be a test of physicality and resilience, but with players like Kroos leading the charge, Madrid is prepared to take on the challenge.

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