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The Giants of Banco among the big names in the championship

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The Giants of Banco among the big names in the championship

The playoffs have also gone to the archive after the semifinal with Milan, it’s time to relax. Not everyone will stay but the Sassari club’s idea is to confirm all the best

SASSARI. The echo of the applause of PalaSerradimigni the day after did not go out, it overflows from the embankment of the stands and spreads on social networks, in a flourishing of compliments for Dinamo. Beat yes but not won by Milan, because against a Milan like this and moreover in a series of several games it would have been hard for anyone. Even for the best Dinamo, which she greets by closing in the top four a season that at one point saw her trudging behind the standings, even penultimate. Coach Piero Bucchi applauds and the fans applaud him, president Sardara applauds (deplored by the sports judge for the “repeated protests and disrespectful behavior towards the referees”) and the fans applaud him too.

And everyone applauds Sassari for the good championship, for the positive turnaround marked with the arrival of Bucchi, Kruslin, Robinson, Bilan. The coach and three fifths of the quintet, to remedy the initial choices that did not give dividends but only subtractions. The day after the applause begins to fade, the companies remain in the building that now have free space to proceed with the expansion works while in the rooms of the headquarters in via Roma after a short break we will already begin to think about the next season. In recent days, general manager Federico Pasquini has been particularly busy in fine-tuning the backbone of the women’s team, which will compete in A1 for the third consecutive time and will be present in Europe for the second time, but has never lost sight of the market. male.

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Those who have time do not wait for time, those who arrive late badly stay and the arguments have already begun, starting with those who have a living contract like Treier, Gentile and Devecchi. As always, the budget will command, but it is no secret that Bucchi and Pasquini’s intention is to start from a solid base, made up of those who have guaranteed greater reliability this season. Bendzius for example, Robinson and Burnell to whom for the third season the trust can be renewed, giving him a bonus for the initial period of tarnish.

It will be difficult to keep Bilan, who aims and deserves the upper Europe, and Kruslin could be offered an extension but no longer as a quintet man, with a view to a general growth of the roster, while Logan, Chessa and Gandini will hardly be confirmed. The speech is different for Diop, an Italian, whose contract is about to expire. He will talk about it soon, the fact of having left the playoffs a little earlier can be an advantage to buy time.

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