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The goal problem will have to be solved without Deulofeu: he has to operate

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The numbers are merciless: Udinese scores very little, especially at the Friuli stadium

UDINE. Mathematics and medicine are the subjects that Udinese had to review the day after the defeat against Udinese’s Torino, without forgetting physical education, not so much for the “unloading” session held on Sunday 11 by the team, but rather for a fleeting referee course for the review of the rules that made it clear how the Var Massimiliano Irrati, already in difficulty on the field, is at the end of the race even in front of the video, to the point of having advised the referee Duties to cancel a penalty that he had substantially already whistled for a Good morning foul on Becao.

Okay, this is an episode, the shortcomings demonstrated in the final phase against Toro cannot be underlined and represent a bit the sum of the offensive phase of Gotti’s team.

But if a penalty is removed after a review (not due to protocol, as explained in his traditional YouTube speech by the “guru” Luca Marelli) of the referee in front of the video, then it cannot be said that Udinese is lucky in the episodes, episodes that the company did not want to comment on at an official level, where in the past similar “digressions” would have been highlighted by those in charge, even in a colorful way.

In the post-match on Saturday, however, Udinese limited itself to communicating that the retreat will start. Punitive, meditative, cognitive: do a little bit of yourself.

Luca Gotti certainly knows that his troops have problems when it comes to goals scored.

He said it quite clearly to Dazn’s microphones, when one explained that the difficulties of the team depend “on the characteristics of the players”.

A way to highlight that he does not have at his disposal scarce elements, but little inclined to score goals, especially in certain conditions.

For example, it is clear that Udinese are struggling at home. At the Friuli stadium she scored only 12 goals this season, remaining “dry” for seven games between defeats and draws: in this context she was already able to put 18 points in her pocket (16 scoring plus 2 with as many 0-0). Away, however, he scored 15 points (14 plus 1) with 20 goals scored.
Above all, there is a lack of connecting players, those who could exploit the amount of work in the midfield to translate it into scoring. The second tips are missing.

Pussetto has been knocked out since January due to an operated knee, Forestieri has been out of the game for a long time, Braaf is for now only a diamond in the rough and Gerard Deulofeu is likely to have concluded his season.

The Catalan himself explained it with a long post on Instagram in Italian, English and Spanish: “We have tried them all up to now to be able to return to the field without having to go through surgery”, wrote Deulofeu among other things, making it clear that the meniscus problem accused in February will have to be resolved with an operation. –

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