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The Government announces an important change

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The Government announces an important change

The Minister of Digital Transformation and Public Function, José Luis Escrivá, has announced a significant change in the relationship of citizens with the Public Administration. During his appearance in the Congress of Deputies, he highlighted the elimination of the mandatory prior appointment to interact with public services.

This advertisement is part of the new government strategy that seeks to promote a more accessible model and personalized in the Administration, reversing the measure adopted during the pandemic.

The change will be materialized through a draft law intended to modify article 14 of the Common Administrative Procedure Law. The main objective is to improve the relationship between citizens and public services, promoting in-person care without the need for an appointment.

In addition to the regulatory modificationan update is planned on the Government’s central website to present the information more clearly and grouped by vital events.

This new approach seeks to consolidate a personalized, accessible and omnichannel model, allowing each citizen to choose the way in which they relate to the Administration. Among the procedures that will benefit from this modification include daily administrative procedures such as applying for aid, procedures with the SEPE and the annual income declaration.

This change represents a step forward in the modernization of the Administration and the adaptation to the needs of citizens.

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