Home Sports The Guangdong team in the second round of the CBA welcomes a good start. Ma Shang returns and immediately shows his power – Sports – CGTN

The Guangdong team in the second round of the CBA welcomes a good start. Ma Shang returns and immediately shows his power – Sports – CGTN

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The Guangdong team in the second round of the CBA welcomes a good start. Ma Shang returns and immediately shows his power – Sports – CGTN

Original title: Guangdong team in the second round of CBA has a good start (quote)

Ma Shang is back, and he will show his power immediately (theme)

Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Huang Wei

After missing the first CBA game of the new season with Beijing Enterprises, Guangdong Hongyuan finally ushered in the team’s late new season “appearance battle” yesterday. In the game, the “South China Tigers” were a little slow, and they recovered their form after falling behind at halftime, and finally defeated Nanjing Tongxi 116-102 to get a good start.

Debut battle, “South China Tiger” won the thrill

Although the Guangdong team had expected difficulties in the game before the game, the score was really surprising. At the end of the half-time, the Guangdong team fell behind 48-56. You know, the Guangdong team has maintained a 16-game winning streak against Tongxi before.

Indeed, this Nanjing Tongxi team has a new look. The foreign aid Achul is a powerful player, scoring a large double-double with 37 points and 11 rebounds; The nervousness of the last game, shooting from the inside and outside, contributed 18 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals.

Guangdong Hongyuan took a full half-time to adapt to the atmosphere of the game and the feeling of shooting. Although it was a little thrilling, coach Du Feng turned the situation around by arranging troops in the second half. Guangdong team players also found the feeling of both offense and defense. They scored 35 to 14 in the third quarter. This point difference pit, Tong Xi at the end A section “filled” 8 points, but in the end there was no chance to come back.

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For the current state of the team, Du Feng thinks it is very normal. He said: “In the first game, everyone’s feeling was still average. In the first half, many chances were not made, which is normal. In the second half, everyone’s shooting condition was much better, and the three-point shooting rate also improved. Everyone’s condition will improve.”

Just returned, Ma Shang’s state exceeds expectations

In this game, Guangdong team foreign aid Mashan Brooks returned to the arena after 563 days. What makes the team even more reassuring is that Ma Shang is in very good shape, and he doesn’t seem to be affected by the major injury at all.

Ma Shang is a player with a very good sense of rhythm. He is definitely not fast, but his mastery of rhythm makes it difficult for the opponent to adapt. At the beginning, the entire Guangdong team was not in good shape, and the players repeatedly missed shots from beyond the three-point line. At this time, Ma Shang began to output firepower.

After using the rhythm to break through to get 4 points, Ma Shang assisted Yi Jianlian to complete a dunk, boosting morale; and his two-point shooting from the outside and the three-point line was quite accurate, and he scored 20 points in the first half . Although Ma Shang didn’t make many shots in the third quarter, he mastered the rhythm on the court with ease and sent 3 assists. In the last quarter, Ma Shang scored another 12 points and led the team to withstand the opponent’s counterattack. Another foreign aid, Ellis, scored 15 points and 6 rebounds. Sometimes he seemed not confident enough, and he didn’t have a tacit understanding with other teammates. Du Feng said: “Ellis is a little nervous with the team, because he has not been here for a long time and has not trained with the team. He will slowly get to know the team.” Du Feng said that he will give Ellis enough. of patience.

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At 19:35 tomorrow, Guangdong Hongyuan will stage a “Guangdong Derby” with the New Century Men’s Basketball Team.

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