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The Hangzhou Asian Para Games Torch Relay Begins with High-Speed Rail Arrival on October 19

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The Hangzhou Asian Para Games torch has arrived in Hangzhou by high-speed rail, marking a significant milestone in the preparations for the upcoming games. On October 12, the fire for the 4th Asian Para Games was collected in Guangzhou and then transported to Hangzhou via a high-speed train. This is the first time in the history of the Asian Para Games that high-speed trains have been utilized for the transportation of the torch.

According to the Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Organizing Committee, the torch relay launching ceremony will take place on October 19. The relay will traverse the “Three Rivers” – Qiantang River, Fuchun River, and Xin’an River – in Hangzhou, a city known for its natural ecological and cultural tourism corridor. The relay route will include Chun’an County, Jiande City, Tonglu County, Fuyang District, and Xiaoshan District. Each district and county will hold the torch for half a day, culminating in the lighting of the main torch tower at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games on October 22.

The Hangzhou Asian Para Games torch, named “Laiguan,” has a unique and symbolic design. It draws inspiration from the Liangzhu jade cong, which represents the rich history of Chinese civilization, as well as the city flower of Hangzhou, the osmanthus. The torch is adorned with laurel yellow and rainbow purple colors, standing at a height of 756 mm and weighing 1160 grams. These colors echo the “fire” of the Asian Games torch, while the design symbolizes the game concept of “sunshine, harmony, self-improvement, and sharing.” Braille is engraved on the bottom of the torch, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility, and a special torch holder has been designed for wheelchair athletes, considering ergonomic elements for their grip.

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The arrival of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games torch by high-speed rail and the upcoming torch relay demonstrate the city’s commitment to hosting the games in a grand and inclusive manner. Athletes and spectators alike can look forward to a memorable and inspiring event that celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship and unity.

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