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The Hebei team has reached the most critical moment!All employees are ready to leave after receiving notice_work

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Original title: Hebei team has reached the most critical moment!All employees are ready to leave when notified

Reported by Cheng Shan, a reporter from the Football News For the Hebei team, which has been disbanded recently, it seems that the most critical moment is ushered in. Not only the first team has not been concentrated, but the South Korean coaching staff’s arrival date in China has not yet been determined. The club has also abolished most of the core departments and staff. Even the youth training echelon that has always been proud of will be completely abandoned. Moreover, even if the team barely participates in the second stage of this year’s Super League, it may directly withdraw from next year’s Super League because it does not meet the admission and participation standards.

Our reporter learned from an employee of Hebei Football Club who has been laid off that the club has laid off more than 30 people, including Vice President Li Xiangrong, Sports Director Lu Jun, Youth Training Director Li Zhenhai, Cost Recruitment, Campus Football and Merchants, The core personnel of the competition training department, as well as a number of staff from the youth training echelon, and the rest are the lawn maintenance and base staff of the Langfang Stadium and training base.

The club has now started to abolish the technical department, lawn maintenance, base operations, team affairs and fan service departments and positions as a whole. According to the requirements of China Fortune Land Development Group, the recent layoffs have been significantly accelerated. All club employees have received phone calls and are ready to leave at any time. The former Hebei team employee, who asked not to be named, said.

According to another person who has already been abolished, the abolition of the first-line team affairs and staff, coupled with some recent reports, has directly caused the unstable mood of many first-team players. They have not had any training and participation so far. The news is inquiring about the club’s situation through different channels. Foreign aid and South Korean coaching teams also kept inquiring about the club’s status through interpreters, and they have not returned to China so far. According to the current time node, it is difficult to catch up with the restart of the league. Even if the team can be assembled, the abolition of the logistics support department will directly lead to the team’s training arrangements and the return of foreign aid and foreign teachers to the country, and the relevant support services for the team training games such as training venues, medical supplies, travel and accommodation, etc. No one will be responsible for the specific work arrangements. Except for the only remaining coaches and players, the support of the first team is almost paralyzed.

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With the departure of Sports Director Lu Jun and Youth Training Director Li Zhenhai, the Hebei team’s youth training management team has basically been disbanded, which has also led to the loss of confidence in the coaching teams of all echelons. The impact, the difficulty of finding a new job can be imagined, and some people are even preparing to change careers. Some echelon players have also begun to find their own way and try out other clubs. Some players’ parents have lost confidence in football and told their children to give up football. If this development continues, it will inevitably cause a major brain drain in the development of Hebei football, and the previous efforts made by Hebei youth training will be in vain. In addition, due to the resignation of relevant personnel, the campus football and social football work of various cities that the club has actively deployed in the early stage will be stagnated. This will undoubtedly have a serious negative impact on the development of youth football in Hebei Province and the popularization of football. It will seriously affect the talent supply of the Hebei youth training echelon. This person introduced.

It can be seen that if Hebei Province and Langfang City can no longer come up with a feasible solution, the China Fortune Group will formally decide to abandon the youth training. We must know that after several years of hard work, the Hebei team has just seen the results of the youth training. The young generation represented by Zhang Wei, Zhang Hui and Mo Xuchen has just emerged in the Super League. They are the future of Hebei football.

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It is understood that it is even more regrettable that due to the abolition of the venue security and lawn maintenance departments, the Langfang Stadium and the Cattle and Camel Training Base, which the club spent a lot of energy and financial resources, will fall into the embarrassing situation of unmanaged and unmaintained venues. Even if the first team regroups, it is basically unable to guarantee the normal training, accommodation, and epidemic prevention and control requirements of the first team and echelon. In winter, once the lawn maintenance work is interrupted, if you want to restore the previous level again, you will need several millions of investment in renovation and renovation costs, resulting in a serious waste of resources.

If personnel in positions such as equipment officers, business officers, press officers, and fans in charge specified in the Chinese Super League’s admission rules continue to be laid off (actually the above-mentioned personnel have been notified of their resignation), it will indicate that they will not be able to meet the Chinese Super League’s admission standards and standards. The entry criteria also basically announced that the Hebei team had withdrawn from the Chinese Super League.

The retrenched person finally said: “I also signed the joint letter. Now that I changed my neutral name, it seems to me that the club no longer belongs to the China Fortune Group in name only, it is a club of all Hebei fans. We chose to work for the club for free because of our feelings for the club and the fans. With such a good player and club management team, he should be qualified to survive and develop. Through our own efforts and dedication, we hope that he can move forward. After passing this hurdle, a rebirth is ushered in. But now, China Fortune Group and the local government seem to have abandoned the club. From any angle, I can’t see the hope of participating in the second stage of the Chinese Super League and surviving.”

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Recently, it is reported that six clubs in the Chinese Super League have sought help from the Chinese Football Association due to their inability to pay for the travel expenses of the second stage. In the end, how many teams can compete normally is still inconclusive. The relevant leaders of Langfang City instructed the Hebei team to “catch 11 people to participate in the Chinese Super League” at a low cost, which turned the Chinese Super League, once known as the “sixth largest league in the world,” into a complete joke.Return to Sohu to see more


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