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The hot search on the Winter Olympics propaganda video, the Monkey King Snow child evokes childhood memories_冰天雪地

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Original title: Hot search for Sun Wukong snow children in the Winter Olympics promotional video evoke childhood memories

The hot search for the Monkey King in the Winter Olympics promotional video evokes childhood memories

The animated characters in the propaganda film of the Winter Olympics evoke childhood memories of netizens.

On September 7th, a promotional film for the Beijing Winter Olympics featuring Monkey King, Snow Child and other animated characters “starred” in hot searches. In this promotional film, countless animated characters from Chinese memories came to join in-Monkey King, Nezha, Snow Child, Calabash Baby and other familiar characters all came to the ice and snow to show their unique heroic looks, and jointly help Beijing in 2022 Winter Olympics.

Cover news interviewed a staff member of Shanghai Art Film Studio. He told reporters that this promotional film was produced in cooperation with “China Ice and Snow” two years ago, and somehow it became popular.

Dream Linkage of Childhood Animated Characters to Welcome the Olympics

Among them, Monkey King, as the main line of the promotional film, opened his mouth as “My old grandson is here”, which evokes many people’s childhood memories. Sun Wukong stepped on skates and had to “see you on the field” with Erlang.

Snow kid, as soon as I heard this name, I knew that ice and snow sports were absolutely nothing to say, and Monkey King also had a freestyle skiing with him. Nezha also performed figure skating and circled on the ice. Later, the third dragon king also joined the pair skating. Gourd baby is from the eldest baby to the seventh baby. Together they form an ice hockey team with the dream of winning the championship.

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At the end of the film, Monkey King said: “The China Fairytale Alliance contributes to help China’s ice and snow dreams.”

These characters are actually the most classic cartoon characters released by Shanghai Art Film Studio. Monkey King is from “A Harass in Heaven”, the first episode of this film was filmed in 1961, and the second episode was filmed in 1964. After its publication, it was highly praised by domestic and foreign audiences. In June 1983, “Havoc in Heaven” was screened in Paris for a month, with an audience of nearly 100,000. “Le Monde” commented: “Not only does “Mao Tian Gong” have the beauty of American Disney works, but the plastic art is beyond the reach of Disney art. It perfectly expresses the traditional Chinese art style.”

The role of the Snow Child born in the winter comes from the 1980 cartoon “Snow Child” directed by Lin Wenxiao, director of Shanghai Art Film Studio. The film tells the story of the white rabbit mother who is going to go out to find the radish in winter, and the little white rabbit clamors to go, and the mother rabbit piles up a snow child to play with it. Later, when the little white rabbit slept, the house burned on fire. In order to save the little white rabbit, the snow kid rushed into the house to rescue him, and finally died.

The promotional film launched by the Shanghai Film Studio in 2019

It is understood that this is a promotional film launched by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio in October 2019. Monkey King, Nezha, Snow Child, Calabash Baby, Dansheng, and many more characters you are familiar with have all come to the ice and snow to show off their heroic appearances and help the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics together. The goal of this China Animation Character Alliance is: to drive 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports. In 2022, we will meet you in the Beijing Winter Olympics. This promotional film made many netizens lament “tears.”

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In this regard, the cover news reporter contacted a staff member of the Shanghai Art Film Studio. According to him, “This promotional film was launched in 2019. The main planning was done by our factory and the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration. Why? Now this film is hotly searched. I guess it may be that the recent Olympic Games and the Paralympics have just ended, and the next is the Winter Olympics. Maybe some new media friends think this film can still be used to continue the popularity. , The result resonated with everyone, so there was another wave.” Cover news reporter Yan WenwenReturn to Sohu to see more


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