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The humanized management of the National Football team allows 4 leave to leave the team to supplement the defensive players

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Original title: The humanized management of the national football allows 4 leave to leave the team to supplement the defensive players

The Chinese men’s football team has temporarily announced a holiday after the two warm-up matches with the Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team. The national footballers ushered in two days of free time, and are scheduled to resume concentration and conduct a large number of training sessions on November 6. That night, the team will depart from Shanghai and fly to the UAE on the early morning flight on the 7th. It is worth mentioning that the national football team will carry out a certain “slimming” plan, and before this, four players have asked for leave and left the team due to family affairs.

Adjustment of mindset is overwhelming

In the unconventional period, the preparations of the national football team are definitely different from the previous preparations. Frankly speaking, among the four major elements of football, namely “technique, tactics, body and mind (psychology)”, the most important thing at this stage is not the technical and tactical and physical, but the psychological and mental adjustments. After the National Football team conducted a 14+7 isolation observation in Suzhou and Shanghai, they arranged two warm-up matches with the Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team. The first thing after the game is not to summarize, but to announce a holiday, which is to put the “mind (psychology)” in an important position, so that the international team’s body and mind can be relieved to the greatest extent.

The internationals are about to compete in two key 12-finals once again. Regardless of the results, as far as itinerary is concerned, the team will return to China the next day after the game against Australia on November 16th. , Returned to Shanghai at noon on the 18th Beijing time, and then went to Suzhou for a 14-day quarantine. After the quarantine is over, they will receive another 7 days of medical observation. After the observation period is over, players only have a rest adjustment period of three or four days at most, and they have to return to the club to enter the closed competition area and participate in the second stage of the Chinese Super League. Faced with the intensive schedule of the league round every two days, it will last until early January next year. After the Chinese Super League is over, the international footballers will concentrate on preparing for the two top 12 matches on January 27 and February 1 next year.

In this closed state of continuous life, the international players are likely to experience psychological discomfort. Therefore, finding a way to create some free time and space for the players has become the main consideration for the national team. According to the plan, after the team’s holiday on the 4th and 5th, the whole team will arrange a large number of training sessions on the morning of the 6th. Before the training, all members will complete all the necessary procedures before going abroad, such as nucleic acid testing. Then on that night, the team united and went west again.

Four players ask for leave due to family matters

Arrange two warm-up matches with the Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team. In addition to the technical and tactical running-in and keeping the international players in a competitive state, the national football coaching staff has another purpose, which is to inspect the current team members in order to finalize the final match. List of levies.

When the National Football team played in the top 12 games for the first time at the end of August, it had no plans to return to China to adjust, so it brought more players to the west to prevent injuries and other accidents, so as to take precautions. However, this time the westward march again took less than two weeks before and after, and there was obviously a surplus in personnel, so some “subtractions” were needed. As early as before the warm-up match, the national football coaching staff was already negotiating this issue.

However, when the national football team has not announced the list of attritions, some of the international players in the team have been away from the motherland for a long time, and some changes have occurred in their homes. They have asked for leave when they just returned to Suzhou. However, because of the need to implement the “14+7” quarantine policy, I insisted on it until November 3 when it was fully implemented before leaving.

It is understood that the four players who did not play in the warm-up match, such as Guo Tianyu, Wei Shihao, Wang Shangyuan and Yin Hongbo, all left due to their own family affairs. Just as Zheng Zheng was unable to go west with the team due to family affairs in late August, the National Football team allowed these four players to leave from a human point of view, and did not force them to go west again with the team. In fact, in recent training, both Guo Tianyu and Wei Shihao performed well, and they will also have the opportunity to play in future games. Of course, the coaching staff hopes that they can go west with the team, but considering their reality, it is still It’s time off. Therefore, judging from the current situation, it is unlikely that the above four will follow the national football team.

In addition to the above four people, there were unexpected situations in the warm-up match. Micro Motion Yi and Wang Dalei were injured accidentally at the last minute of the warm-up match. Because it was too late after the match, they only underwent simple treatment and needed to continue to undergo examinations to confirm the injury. This also makes the question of whether other players will leave the team have to be postponed. So, how many players will go west in the end? I’m afraid it can only be finalized before the national football team departs.

Zheng Zheng and Jixiang may be called up

Frankly speaking, the performance of the Chinese team in the first four top 12 matches is not very satisfactory, which has a lot to do with the current lack of acceptance of the national football team. In the warm-up match, although the players who can play have gotten the chance to play, in fact there are still obvious shortcomings in individual positions. After the national football team completely lifted the “14+7” isolation, the coaching staff can also recruit players, but the problem is that there are only a handful of players who can join the team and plug and play.

For example, among the current 31 players in the national team, no suitable player can be found in the purely defensive midfield position, so Wu Xi can only be pushed to this position, but Wu Xi is obviously not the most suitable for this position. In the game against Shenzhen, the coaching staff tried to arrange Xu Xin, but Xu Xin’s attributes were not focused on defense. Looking at the entire Chinese Super League, I am afraid that no suitable candidates can be found.

On the other hand, since the Super League will have a rematch around mid-December, most of the teams have not yet assembled, and the player’s status cannot be guaranteed. The only thing that can be requisitioned is probably the players from the teams that have just finished or are participating in the FA Cup. Therefore, after the current national team has repeatedly weighed, maybe Ji Xiang is a player that can be requisitioned, because at the right back position, he encountered trouble in the previous trip to West Asia. In this position, it was originally hoped that Zhang Linpeng would play the lead and Wang Gang would be the substitute. However, Zhang Linpeng’s main premise is that there will be no surprises in the central defender position. However, in the first game against Australia, Yu Dabao’s performance was criticized by the outside world, and Zhang Linpeng had to return to the central defender position. After an accidental injury in the game against Japan, although Zhu Chenjie performed well, but then suffered injuries and had to miss the game with the Vietnam team. As a result, Zhang Linpeng returned to the central defender position and Wang Gang took his place, but then Wang Gang’s performance was also average, coupled with injuries. Therefore, Micro Motion was once allowed to change to this position in the final moments against the Saudi team. It is precisely because of this that the national team hopes to supplement Zheng Zheng and Ji Xiang in the central and right back positions.

However, another reality is that Shandong Taishan defeated Henan 1-0 in the first round of the FA Cup semi-final, and has a good chance of entering the final. Moreover, the Taishan team also hopes to win the cup again in this year’s FA Cup. Originally, Jin Jingdao, Wu Xinghan and other main core players have been contributed to the national team. At this critical moment, the temporary transfer of the main players will inevitably make the team and Shandong fans have ideas. Therefore, the situation regarding the levy is still under negotiation. Of course, I believe that the Shandong team will stand at the height of Chinese football and will definitely support the national team.

As for the personnel in other positions, the national team will not make any more supplements for the time being. The final situation can only wait for official news from the Football Association.

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