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The incredible Reyer promotion in a book by Vitucci and Silvestrin

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Silvano Focarelli / TREVISO

A company, Reyer, on the pavement, actually bankrupt. Venice submerged not by high water but by debts: a few billion lire. Yet that team, that Reyer, managed to be promoted to A1: 2 June 1996, competing with Rimini at Taliercio. A story that is a fairy tale, if not already history and legend: a unique, unrepeatable undertaking. Indeed unforgettable, as the title of the book written by Frank Vitucci, coach of the time, now in Brindisi but with solid Treviso roots (9 years at Benetton as deputy and head coach), and by poor Luca Silvestrin, the center of that Reyer, who since 21 August, after having taken root in Treviso, has been playing up there with the angels. “Silvestrin and Vitucci: two respectable people – said the president of TvB Paolo Vazzoler in the presentation of the Zeta Group at the former church of Santa Croce in the Latin Quarter – especially Frank, who convinced me to stop playing …”

The team that beat its destiny, that of being swallowed, due to crash, in some minor series. “We thought about writing this story last year – says Vitucci, 32 years old at the time and with several players older than him – Reyer should have closed in mid-season but, making enormous personal sacrifices, we were able to go on, focusing on strength. of the group, on the sense of belonging, on pride. And also on the fans. We wanted to tempt fate: putting the pieces together was our bet. Silvestrin, the captain, gave up his salary to pay Burtt’s. The travel expenses were taken out by the bankruptcy trustee, with the proceeds the current expenses were paid but no player paid the rent, Cattabiani had to return the keys. Difficulties kill you or strengthen you: to us they have strengthened us. Today such a story would not be possible ». Those were the times when there was only one foreigner in A2. “We had Steve Burtt, crazy talent. He never spoke, he was always alone then he took care of it on the pitch. My wife says I get along well with crazy people: she’s absolutely right. ” –

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