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The Inter-Milan draw (1-0)

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The Inter-Milan draw (1-0)

An Inter at times beautiful, at times opinionated, which wins the second big match of the year. A Milan that disavows everything he had built in the last two years. Above all, Lautaro dominates.


ONANA – 6: the usual thrill that has now been granted for a couple of games, just to get bored in a game as a non-paying spectator.

SKRINIAR – 6.5: and to think that someone, after six impeccable years and a fully acceptable career choice, had questioned his professionalism due to a mistake with Empoli. High-level performance, despite the low coefficient of difficulty.

UNCERTAIN – 7: Giroud and Origi dominate both in the sky and in the slide, immaculate performance.

BASTONI – 6.5: a few too many technical errors at the start of the second half, together with the rest of the team, who mix in a game in which he often has the ball at his feet and orchestrates the Nerazzurri’s possession.

DARMIAN – 6.5: for once he doesn’t even have to worry about the bucking of Theo and Leao, to whom in doubt he gives a warning shoulder as soon as he enters. He continues his magic moment.

BARELLA – 6: a first half in which he displays great football, but in the second half he spends a good half hour marked by technical errors and arrogance. One on the edge of his own area, another couple in the offensive phase.

CALHANOGLU – 6.5: the zero euros paid by Inter to take him from Milan are more and more resounding with each passing derby. Great performance, even if he too gets caught up in the team’s mental and technical decline in the first half of the second half.

MKHITARYAN – 6: more in the shadow of the two team mates but still fully sufficient.

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DIMARCO – 6.5: less protagonist than other times but still very influential with the ball at his feet, on a couple of occasions in the penalty area he could have done even more.

LAUTARO – 8: the tale of his shortcomings against the big names has long since ended, given that with today’s goal he reaches the top 5 of the most prolific scorers in the history of the Milan derby. It’s not just the goal, there’s another performance as a technical leader enhanced by the captain’s armband. Top players.

DZEKO – 6: slightly subdued, but still extremely useful in coordinating with Lautaro and covering the entire offensive front. The times when they didn’t understand each other are a distant memory.

(BROZOVIC – 6.5: he enters and puts things right in the last 15′, in an Inter hitherto guilty of not having closed the game. Just to remind you how fundamental it is. LUKAKU – 6.5: Another excellent piece of game after the one with Atalanta. Lots of balls cleaned up and sorted, a goal disallowed and a shot thwarted by Tatarasanu. Clear growth. GOSENS – 6.5: yet another excellent entry into the game for him too.)

INZAGHI – 7: the first half sees an extremely pleasant Inter, from there comes the victory (fundamental) in the second big match of the calendar year. He has to work on the decrease in the second half, but he does well to remember the overall positive trend of the season and the current form of his players in the conference. Goal: ride the wave.

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TATARUSANU – 6.5: two excellent interventions directly from a corner, a thwarted header by Lautaro, the non-trivial final save on Lukaku. Today there is very little to dispute him.

KALULU – 5.5: always in constant delay on Lautaro, as has always happened to teammate Kjaer in derbies. He too is undergoing a clear psychological and consequently technical involution.

KJAER – 5.5: unable to firmly guide a defense in constant apprehension, inevitably given the general attitude of the team.

CAGE – 5.5: awkward, without particular mistakes and in a role not exactly his.

CALABRIA – 5: several technical errors and a great difficulty in limiting Dimarco’s gusts.

MESSIAS – 4.5: who saw it?

KRUNIC – 5: he too is rather invisible in the middle of the field, but it is one of the many performances of the team which are the product of the intent communicated by Pioli with the initial choices. Confusion.

TONALI – 4.5: for him, as well as for Leao’s entry, what worries is not only the performance but also the highly apathetic attitude, almost not being in tune with the coach’s choices. Worrying body language.

THEO HERNANDEZ – 5: it goes for him too, who never shows a drop of competitive fury in 90′ of the game. And in front of him you never see.

ORIGI – 5: disappeared in the task of masking Calhanoglu’s receptions, penalized at the same time by Milan’s defeatist attitude. But the few balls available are wasted badly.

GIROUD – 5: he gets an opportunity in the middle of the second half, on the counterattack, and wastes it, almost surprised by how miraculously Milan were still in the game and that ball could have a concrete impact on the result. Added several fouls and a lot of effort in the confrontation with Acerbi.

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(BRAHIM – 5.5: at least more in the game than those who preceded him, but almost never affects. LEAO – 5: enters the field after an understandably noisy bench, but does nothing to prove himself right. He can only be seen in the counterattack that Giroud didn’t finalize, for the rest he is untied from the rest of his teammates. SAELEMAKERS – 5.5: no less imprecise than his companions, at least more willing.)

PIOLI – 4: in a game he disavowed what he built in the last two and a half years. Difficult not to shoot zero on everything he has been putting in place for three weeks now, he seems to be in sensational mental and decision-making difficulty, which leads him to prefer conservative and team-group-oriented choices. Evidently, with horrifying results to say the least: in the first half Milan, the same ones who had won the Scudetto with proactivity and high pressing, totaled 0.00 xG and conceded nine shots on goal.

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