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The Juve crisis starts from afar. After two revolutions, a restoration

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The biggest responsibility lies with the club: 3 coaches in 3 years, completely different from each other. But he knows how to get back up. Milan in front of Inter, who had to reinvent themselves. In the fantastic Italian summer, Ferrari is missing …

If it is too early to make judgments, enough time has passed, however, to make any judgments. In the meantime, we can say that if Juve is in crisis, the greatest responsibility lies with the club. Three coaches changed in three years is a lot. Three completely different coaches, from Allegri to Sarri, from Sarri to Pirlo, from Pirlo to Allegri. Two revolutions and a restoration, even for Juve to set records is frankly too much. In the meantime, the shareholder put 700 million euros into the coffers, Marotta first and then Paratici came out of the executives. Finally, to complete the picture, Juve put themselves in the wake of Real Madrid by participating as a protagonist in the defeat of the Super League. If he now has only one point in the standings, we can say that it is a crisis that started a long time ago.


Mind you, Juve have history, skills, men and capital to take back what they squandered. And some strong decisions, right in my opinion, have been made. He did well to let Ronaldo leave by accepting another difficult year, but freeing the company’s balance sheet from a heavy burden and at the same time freeing Allegri from a management problem that has always existed, since CR7 landed in Turin as the Messiah. Juve began to win championships long before Ronaldo, in Juventus history it will be a chapter, it will not be history. How quickly Juve can recover will depend on the blockade of the Italians. If they manage to keep the team on their shoulders, to make Juve become a group again, then the recovery will also be possible in a reasonably short time. Dybala is not a leader, Chiellini is.

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Milan today is better than Inter. Not surprising given that the Italian champions had to dismantle the team a minute after winning the Scudetto. The reassembly was not easy, but technically it holds up. It was not taken for granted. In the league it will certainly be enough, but it is on qualifying for the Champions League round of 16 that Inzaghi is aiming to give a strong sign to his Nerazzurri adventure. Last season he succeeded with Lazio, he can also succeed in this one. At Inter, the sale of Lukaku and Hakimi will allow for a less difficult year economically, but it is a club that loses money structurally, it will not be with tokens that will reverse the trend. It would be better to say yes to the entry of the funds, as indeed the Nerazzurri had initially done, before rethinking it because it saw in the clauses placed on governance a downsizing of the clubs’ freedom of action. The change in governance, on the other hand, is one of the reasons for accepting the entry of capital that impose rules and results in a rush. In Italian football there are important entrepreneurs, but also presidents who have found America, which without the ball would be nothing. It is understood that some of them do not want to give up a slice of that power. It is less understandable that companies that have an international vocation defend the backyard squabbles.


The big absentee in the fantastic Italian summer is Ferrari. There was the hope that the blue magic would infect Maranello, but it is not so. In Formula 1 there are no magic. Monza was less depressing than last year, but it did not exalt any other Ferrari driver. We knew how long the road was, we knew how tough it was, but seeing the two McLarens in front of the Cavallino also has a certain effect. When will we finally see a red competitor compete for the World Championship? Efforts are focused on next year, when Formula 1 will change a lot to have more competitive races with lower investments. A turning point, indeed, an opportunity that Ferrari cannot miss after the disappointments of the hybrid era. Of course, it is not the only team that is working towards 2022 and the crowding of teams capable of winning a Grand Prix will grow. Aerodynamics will be fundamental, an English specialty rather than ours. The doubt remains that a simple change of rules, keeping the same men, is enough to bring Ferrari back to winning a World Championship.

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