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The key to victory: famous Qizhelov changes four backs Mueller desperately needs to break the egg_Portugal

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Original Title: The Key to Victory: The four guards of the famous Qi Jian Lev change in need of breaking the egg

At 0:00 on June 20th, Beijing time, the second round of Group F of this European Cup group stage will stage a focus battle, with Portugal playing against Germany at the Allianz Arena in Munich. In history, the two teams have played a total of 18 times, of which the German team has an absolute advantage with 10 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses.

Although Portugal’s score in the first game was fixed at 3-0, the game was not as relaxed and happy as the score reflected. In fact, Hungary’s fence was very tight. Portugal was not found by Guerrero until the 84th minute. Then Ronaldo will kill the two cities in a row. After this campaign, Santos’s team has been unbeaten for 7 consecutive games in all competitions. Portugal took the lead in the group with a goal difference advantage. As long as they beat Germany in this game, they will be able to qualify for an early round. However, the Germanic chariot seems to be their nemesis, you must know that Portugal has lost 4 consecutive games to their opponents.

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly Portugal’s trump card to reverse the decline. He scored twice in the game against Hungary, helping him to surpass Platini and become the best scorer in the European Cup. Cancelo’s withdrawal due to infection of the new crown is a big loss for Portugal, but Semedo performed well in the last game, completing 7 steals in a single game, ranking first in the game. Although the B seat was replaced in the last round, his pass penetration was exactly what Portugal needed against Germany, so Manchester City will start for two consecutive games. As for the general performance of Jota in the last round, it may be replaced by Andre Silva, who scored 28 goals in the Bundesliga last season and is second only to Lewandowski’s scorer.

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The loss to France in the first round of the group stage not only ended the German team’s record of never losing in the first game of the European Cup, but also brought into question Loew’s formation, especially allowing Kimmich to play the right wing guard. . In order to avoid returning home in the group stage of the international competition for the second time in a row, it is not ruled out that Loew made a desperate move in this campaign and reactivated the four-back formation, allowing Kimmich to return to his most suitable midfielder, which also includes Matteu. German celebrities, including Sis and Vogts, gave Loew’s advice. In this way, the German midfielder can be revitalized, thereby creating more opportunities for the striker, which is what they lacked in the game against the French team.

What made the German team’s qualifying situation worse is the injury problem. The first is Gretzka. According to the news from Bild, his thigh muscle laceration is recovering well, and he can definitely enter the competition squad, but Loew hasn’t decided yet. Whether to let him start. If Gretzka can start with Kimmich and form a double midfielder, it is undoubtedly an important guarantee for the Germanic tank to bottom out. The situation of Gentel is not optimistic. He performed well against France but ended up injured. Emre Can may replace him and form three central defenders with Hummels and Rüdiger. Klosterman, who could have replaced Kimmich as the right wing guard, was in the worst situation. He had to be injured for two weeks because of a slight torn muscle fiber in his thigh.

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Key player


Ronaldo scored twice in the first round of the group match against Hungary, bringing the total number of goals in the European Cup finals to 11, officially surpassing the legendary star Platini, and enjoying the European Cup historical shooter crown. , And he is also the first player to score in double figures in the European Cup. After scoring these two goals, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 106 goals in 176 appearances for Portugal, which is only a hat-trick away from the 109 goals scored by Iranian striker Ali Daei.


The German team sits on an embarrassing stat, that is, none of the 26 people in the team have scored a goal in the European Cup. Especially Mueller, he has already scored 10 goals in the World Cup, but in the European Cup he failed to even hit a penalty kick against Italy in the last time. In this life-and-death battle, the German team needs Mueller’s inspiration too much. Older football fans should remember that Muller performed a hat-trick in the 2014 World Cup group match that defeated Portugal 4-0.

Key data

After reaping a good start to the group stage, Portugal has won 11 of the last 16 games.

Ronaldo’s two goals in the first round of the group stage mean that he has scored in all 11 international competitions he has participated in, including 5 European Cups, 4 World Cups, 1 Confederations Cup and 1 Session of the European League. In these 11 competitions, Ronaldo played a total of 45 times and scored 23 goals.

At present, 12 players in the German team have experienced the scene of the 2018 Russia World Cup group stage elimination, and after losing the first round of the group stage, the nightmare of these 12 players may repeat itself.Return to Sohu to see more

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