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The key to victory: who can replace Benzema’s magic flute and Pedri’s midfielder grind meat_La Liga_Barcelona_Country

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The key to victory: who can replace Benzema’s magic flute and Pedri’s midfielder grind meat_La Liga_Barcelona_Country

Original title: The key to victory: who can replace Benzema’s magic flute Pedri midfielder grind meat

At 4:00 a.m. on March 21, Beijing time, the 29th round of La Liga this season will be the highlight of the Spanish national derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Bernabeu. This will be the 184th national derby between the two teams in the history of La Liga, and in the previous 183 La Liga matchups, Real Madrid led with a slight advantage of 76 wins, 35 draws and 72 losses.

Throughout the season so far, Real Madrid have not been without problems, but compared to several of their main rivals, the Galacticos have handled the best, so it makes sense for them to lead the standings. With Real Madrid’s three-goal win over Mallorca in the last round and Sevilla being tied by Vallecano, Real Madrid has expanded its points advantage to double digits, even more than Barcelona, ​​which ranked third with one game less. 15 points. Ancelotti’s side are in pursuit of a La Liga and Champions League double, with Real Madrid facing defending champions Chelsea in the quarter-finals, according to the latest draw. Between these two Champions League highlights, Real Madrid will also face Getafe, who has defeated itself in the first round of this season, in La Liga. It can be said that every game is a tough battle. Therefore, if we can beat Barcelona in this national derby, it will undoubtedly be very beneficial to Real Madrid’s next schedule.

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Real Madrid is most concerned about Benzema’s injury. The French striker scored twice in the last round against Mallorca, but he also suffered a muscle injury and missed the team’s joint training for several days in a row. . On Friday, local time, Benzema underwent an injury test. According to people familiar with the matter, the test results were relatively optimistic, but whether he can play in the national derby needs further observation, and another statement is that the advantage in the standings is obvious , Real Madrid does not intend to risk letting him participate in the national derby in order to prepare for the more crucial Champions League quarter-finals. In addition to Benzema, Real Madrid’s other injury number is fullback Mendy. His left adductor muscle relapsed and he will miss this campaign. It is expected that Nacho will replace him as the starter.

Since taking office in November last year, Xavi has led Barcelona to a better situation. Among them, La Liga has remained unbeaten in 12 rounds. With the 4-0 home victory over Osasuna, Barcelona and Real Madrid have achieved four consecutive league victories. They have 51 points with Atlético Madrid with one game less and are temporarily ranked third in La Liga. From now on, Barcelona will usher in the devil’s schedule. They will face the top two Real Madrid and Sevilla in the next two rounds of La Liga, and then they will compete with Frankfurt for the Europa League semi-finals. There is no doubt that this national derby is the biggest challenge facing Barcelona. You must know that they have lost to the Galaxy Battleship in La Liga for 4 consecutive games, not to mention that they just went on an expedition to Turkey in the middle of the week and won the Europa League knockout match with Galatasaray. , while Real Madrid is at the Bernabeu home to relax.

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Not only that, but Barcelona’s injury situation is more serious than its opponents. In the Europa League win over Galatasaray in midweek, Dest was injured after a fight, and then Barcelona’s official injury report confirmed Dest’s left leg biceps femoral injury and is expected to miss three weeks , which makes him join the ranks of Fati, Roberto, Valde and Umtiti, and the veteran Alves will start the national derby. Araujo, who has accumulated 4 yellow cards before, will also return to the starting list, partnering with Pique in the center back. On the front line, Ferran Torres and Aubameyang are the main players, and Dembele will compete with Traore for another starting seat.

key player


If Benzema misses the national derby due to injury, then the most crucial player for Real Madrid is Modric. The 36-year-old veteran has played 20 times in La Liga this season, accumulated 1,547 minutes, made 1,131 accurate passes, contributed 2 goals and 5 assists to the team, and still maintains an excellent competitive state. And his performance in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Paris Saint-Germain is even more worthy of the fans’ admiration. In this round of the national derby, Modric’s matchup with the junior Pedri and Frenkie de Jong is worthy of attention.

Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres’ form has also improved as Aubameyang and Traore joined Barcelona in the winter window. Against Galatasaray in the Europa League in midweek, Ferran Torres assisted Pedri to equalize the score. This is the 9th goal he has directly participated in in 13 games since joining Barcelona, ​​including 5 goals and 4 assists. It can be said in terms of data Pretty pretty. In general, Ferran Torres’ role on the court is indeed obvious. The only drawback is that he is not good at the goal. If he can further improve his shooting skills, his future is limitless.

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key data

Real Madrid is the team with the best home record in La Liga this season, with 10 wins and 4 draws so far.

With Benzema’s two shots and one pass in the last round victory over Mallorca, he has been directly involved in 33 league goals (22 goals and 11 assists) this season, ranking first among all players in the five major leagues.

Barcelona have lost all of their last 4 La Liga national derbies, including a 1-2 loss against Camp Nou in the first leg of this season.

If he can appear in this national derby, it will be Alves’ 400th appearance for Barcelona.

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