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The Lakers may still have a deal, three players may leave the team in exchange for the title that is fighting strength_Horton_because_1

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Original title: The Lakers or there may be a deal with three players leaving the team in exchange for the title that is fighting power

News on January 9th, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers will make some interesting decisions before the NBA trade deadline. They don’t necessarily have many options, because they can’t trade some players and get good returns. Unfortunately for them, most of their players have low salaries and are at the end of their careers. Not many teams are willing to take risks on players over 30, unless they feel that these veterans can bring immediate results to the team. They do have some trades to consider, but they must be sober about their actions.

The Lakers may trade some of their young players, such as Tarren Horton Tucker, or even Austin Reeves, even if it sounds crazy. The reality is that this Lakers team needs to win championships in the next few seasons. Once LeBron James decides to retire, the Lakers may be in a very difficult situation because there are only a few young people on their roster. This may be why they want to keep players like Tucker, or they may accept to struggle for a while after LeBron leaves and tries to win this season’s NBA championship.

Let’s take a look at three people the Lakers should consider trading in order to achieve their goal of winning the NBA championship.

1. Tarren Horton Tucker

This is an interesting name, because many Lakers fans like to exaggerate his abilities. He is not a bad player, but he is certainly not as good as Lakers fans think. Of course, this does not mean that he will not be a good player in a few years, but he certainly has not met people’s expectations of him at the moment.

The reality is that the Lakers don’t really need young people. Once LeBron James decides to retire, they will be in a difficult situation because they only have a few young players such as Horton and Reeves. The Lakers are currently in a situation where they must win, and they have no reason to let a young player whose performance does not meet their needs to stay on the team. Horton is only 21 years old and he does have some potential in the league, so this means he can get a favorable return for the Lakers. If the Lakers can find players like Jeremy Grant, or other capable people like Horton Tucker, they will trade.

The only reason they should consider trading Holden is that the team will be in a very difficult situation no matter what. The Lakers must win the championship in the next few seasons before they can completely rebuild the team. They are the Los Angeles Lakers, so this does not necessarily mean that they will be a bad team, because it is known that they will spend more than any team in the NBA to ensure that they are a competitive team. .

Two. DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan’s performance this season is not bad, but he is not necessarily what the Lakers need. They will wait until Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard return to the game. Many competitive teams and some rebuilding teams are always looking for a center who can defend and rebound.

Jordan will not necessarily return any big returns, but he can be used to trade to match the team’s salary, which can help the Lakers try to find another player who can play and have a direct impact on the team.

three.Wayne Ellington

Wayne Ellington is another very interesting name because his performance is not very bad. He averaged 6.4 points per game, which is undoubtedly a good substitute for the Lakers. The reality is that the Lakers are a bit bloated at the guard position. In the playoffs, they will only use Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Nunn, Malik Munk and Avery Boo. Radley. They don’t want to make a big rotation because they need top players to be on the court at all times.

If Wayne Ellington does not necessarily have the opportunity to play, the Los Angeles team does need to consider trading him, because he is another person who can be used to match the salary and can be traded with Taron Horton Tucker.Return to Sohu to see more


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