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The last 4 months of Vincenzo Italiano?

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The last 4 months of Vincenzo Italiano?

Fiorentina had to leave from Empoli to continue the hunt for Europe, but the current Fiorentina season does not allow the fans to sleep very peacefully. The draw at Castellani still generated discontent among the fans, Vincenzo Italiano’s bench creaks and the delicate purple toy risks breaking at any moment.

The renewal does not arrive, Italiano could say goodbye at the end of the season

In the last season of the championship, Fiorentina did not go beyond a 1-1 draw in the all-Tuscan derby against Empoli, in 2024 only one victory for the Viola team, the success at home against Frosinone. Andrea Belotti remained empty, only one shot towards the opponent’s goal Gallo which suffers from the lack of supplies from behind, the whole team struggles to build play and the uninspiring results fully reflect a complicated year. As always, the coach will pay the price, as often happens, even if this time it seems that the coach himself is not very happy with the situation that has developed in recent weeks, with a market not exactly in line with his idea of ​​football. In recent months there have been the classic renewal tests, with the parties meeting to seek a compromise, the renewal of Vincenzo Italiano but it hasn’t arrived yet and may not even arrive again.

Fiorentina – Italian: will it be goodbye at the end of the season?

In fact, the Italian experience in Florence could end in about four months, or at the end of this season. Fiorentina without a position in the top seven of Serie A, or qualification for the Europa League through a possible victory in the Conference League, could say goodbye to their coach, even the Italian Cup remains one of the club’s sensitive objectives. However, the latest results combined with the performances are not convincing, Fiorentina definitely needs to reverse course right now. Vincenzo Italiano’s ship sails by sight, with Europe always within reach but without any real certainty of being able to get there without worries of mind. The Cups could act as life preservers to avoid sinking and ending the season in deep water. The coaching situation remains to be monitored, Italiano has not yet renewed and Fiorentina does not seem to want to speed up the process. The next results could be decisive for the future of the Viola and especially of Vincenzo Italiano, these could be his last four months in Florence.

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