Home Sports The latest from Radrezza. “It’s the right time to stop, thanks to all the fans”

The latest from Radrezza. “It’s the right time to stop, thanks to all the fans”

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The latest from Radrezza.  “It’s the right time to stop, thanks to all the fans”

Andrea Radrezza, here against Stefano Mosca

On Sunday in Limana the player will play a few minutes in the match between Limana Cavarzano and Noventa. “I also had Parteli at Belluno and I’m happy to end my career with him”


Andrea Radrezza greets football. The striker of Paduan origins will hang up his boots on the occasion of Limana Cavarzano’s last championship match against Noventa.

A day of celebration after the promotion in Excellence, with free admission and music with DJs from 7pm.

“Radre”, after a season characterized by an Achilles tendon injury that never allowed him to take the field, has made the decision to stop and share the celebration of his team’s championship victory to greet the fans and everyone the people of Belluno who in recent years have followed him on the football fields.

Adopted from Belluno, Radrezza arrived at Belluno in the 2007-2008 season winning the Gialloblù fans by goals and assists. Together with Corbanese he has formed a close-knit couple.

Radrezza grew up in the Padova youth academies, with whom he began playing when he was five, up to playing in Berretti. Subsequently he moved to the yellow and blue, of which he was also the captain, until the 2014-2015 season. In between, he lived a brief interlude at Jesolo.

The double break of the right crusader in the years of Belluno forced him to drop out of category and go to Excellence with San Giorgio Sedico, before arriving at Limana.

«This season has been difficult for me with injuries and other situations. I made the decision to quit for some time, but I wanted to respect my teammates and wait for them to win the championship. Tomorrow will be my last match, Mr. Parteli will let me do a few minutes. I’m happy to finish with him on the bench, when I arrived in Belluno in 2007 the coach was Andreucci, but he was second to him. Thus a circle is closed. With Max we have always said to do something together and I think it will be nice to finish everything with him ».

Is your decision final?

«Achilles tendon injury is an injury that requires a lot of time and energy to overcome it. In this moment with work and other things I would not be able to dedicate myself. Objectively, between this injury and the two years of the pandemic, I was very still. I have tried to heal myself and do something but at the moment my situation cannot improve. I am sorry to have concluded this way without being the protagonist of the year, but I still hope to have given my contribution on a human level to my teammates, the oldest and the youngest ».

Do you leave calm, or do you have any regrets?

“I have to be honest, I have no big regrets. Probably when I was younger I could have made better use of some of the opportunities I wasted. But otherwise I’m serene. I am happy with what I have done, given and transmitted. I won championships, I lost some on the last day, I experienced so many emotions and I’m happy with how things went ».

Tomorrow Limana Cavarzano will celebrate you and the championship victory. Do you see yourself as a coach in your future?

«It will be a good party and it is the right time to have it. I am very excited, I will get dressed for the last time and take the field. I am happy to experience this moment together with Massimiliano Parteli, Carlo Cassol and all my teammates, in particular with Simone Brustolon, who I had also found at Belluno in the first year. I would like as many people as possible to come to the camp, I would like to greet them and thank them. My future? I do not know what I’ll do. At the moment I don’t see myself as a coach, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication that at the moment I would not be able to guarantee. I’d like to lend a hand to Limana Cavarzano at the management level ».

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