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The legend says that the three Bayern Munich are indispensable, the media revealed that they are looking for Lewandowski’s successor – yqqlm

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Original title: The famous person said that the three Bayern Munich are indispensable, and the media revealed that they are looking for Lewandowski’s successor

Even if they lose their first game of 2022, Bayern Munich, which is being hit by the epidemic and injuries, does not seem to be shaking its lead in the Bundesliga. There are various signs that, unless there are special circumstances, the Southern Star is making great strides towards the “terrifying” ten consecutive Bundesliga titles. Regarding the current situation of Bayern, the two famous Bayern players have something to say.

Hoeness, the club’s honorary chairman, affirmed the performance of the club’s top management, “Our decision-makers have a good continuity, and in addition, even when things are not going well, we have the courage to take the money in our hands. We are in both Keeping a healthy balance of being successful in sports and staying on top of the economy will allow us to never get in trouble and have enough resources to invest.” Hoeness also believes, “In addition to that, The important thing is that Bayern only sign players who are hungry and want to perform despite all the titles, the team celebrates football most of the time and it’s pure enjoyment.”

Compared with what Hoeness said is more macro, another famous legend Mateus is much more straightforward. In his opinion, Bayern will continue to monopolize the Bundesliga championship for some time to come. reason? Because they have a strong core player. “As long as Neuer, Muller and Lewandowski are still at Bayern, there will be no other champions in the Bundesliga.”

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Although what Matthaus said is not unreasonable, the central axis formed by Neuer, Muller and Lewandowski does support the entire Bayern. But the problem that cannot be ignored is that all three are over 30 years old, and their contracts will expire in the summer of 2023.

According to the German “Sports Bild”, Bayern has begun to discuss the renewal of contracts with the three captains. Renewal talks are expected to begin in the spring, with the club’s tradition of offering players over the age of 30 a one-year extension. But in fact, this tradition has been broken when Lewandowski renewed his contract last time. When Lewandowski renewed his contract in the summer of 2019, he not only signed a 4-year long-term contract, but also received the club’s maximum salary.

It is reported that Bayern’s contract renewal plan may be accepted by Neuer and Muller. However, compared to the captain and vice-captain Neuer and Muller, Lewandowski’s prospects seem a little unclear. The Polish striker still has a good competitive state and hopes to get the last big contract of his career. From Bayern’s point of view, considering the age issue, it seems unreasonable for Lewandowski to renew the long-term contract with the club’s first annual salary of 24 million euros, and the risk is too high.

And “Sports Bild” revealed that Bayern realized that renewing the contract with Lewandowski would directly lead to missing Haaland. It is reported that Bayern has not had a dialogue with Lewandowski’s agent Zahavi for the time being. At the same time, Bayern has begun to contact Haaland’s agent Raiola, and they have expressed interest in Haaland.Return to Sohu, see more

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