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The Lions are tougher than the Wolves Motta is third after the tiebreak

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The green-and-whites of Lorizio start off like a rocket but then let themselves be reassembled by Santa Croce In the fifth the desire to win emerges: Secco Costa makes the samba dance in Caorle


Motta third in the standings alone after the 3-2 victory (but he won 2-0) in the direct clash with Santa Croce sull’Arno. Lions against Wolves. Loglisci’s 100th presence in Serie A2 is celebrated. His injury in the race will be decisive. Motta di Livenza is back from the daring 3-2 victory on the Ortona field. Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce arrives at PalaMare after returning to victory (the Cave del Sol Lagonegro victim) last Sunday 3-0 after four defeats (two of which in the tie-break against Cantù and Castellana). Guests of the day Aurora Volley athletes who perform the field service.

In the first set the pressure in the service of the Holy Cross puts the reception in trouble, even the free Baptist does not initially take the measures. Motta starts with a small advantage (2-1), then gives way to his opponents, also thanks to a few too many errors in the service: 6-11. Coach Lorizio feared him on the eve: with Santa Croce it would have been a difficult match. HRK Diana Group tries to remedy this. Motta still foul on the serve, the Tuscans maintain the leadership unchanged, 9-14, then begin to make mistakes in the defensive phase (14-16) and also in the service (15-17). Arm Gamba confirms the service of Alberini to all: 16-17. Now it is Santa Croce that trembles, time-out requested by the Tuscans. But on the return to the field Gamba signs the draw: 18-18. And then there is the manifuori always from the Aosta Valley, shortly after: 20-19. To say that now the defense covers everything. Cattaneo unlocks in a narrow diagonal: 23-22. Rocambolesco the ending. The visiting coach calls the video check to action in progress for an allegedly beaten line by Biglino in the service, but the referees are wrong and award the point to the opposing team. 25-23. Motta wins ex officio, but with merit the first set, 1-0.

In the second part Motta starts more relaxed than in the first part, shaking off the initial ghosts: 7-5. The more lively the maneuver, the greater the safety at the service. Gamba phenomenon: his the wall of 11-7. The guest reception goes haywire on Luisetto’s serve, Motta’s maximum advantage: there is the dubbing, 14-7. But it is not yet the maximum advantage that comes at 17-9; in the middle an ace of the usual Gamba. Motta imposes himself for 25-15 but in the following set he loses Loglisci on the partial of 12-13. Inside Secco Costa. The locals lose 23-25.

Santa Croce returns to the race and with a partial of 10-18 flies towards the fifth set. Motta nervous and contracted. Almost disheartened. Santa Croce is even in the sets: 14-25. In the fifth set Motta goes down badly (-2) then recovers and gets two match points. The carioca Secco Costa closes it for 15-13. Go Motta, in Càorle they dance the samba. –

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