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The match between Santa Croce and Modica Calcio ends in a draw

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The match between Santa Croce and Modica Calcio ends in a draw

The match ends in a draw Santa Croce and Modica Calcio. In a difficult field for a blanket at the limits of practicability, the rossoblù team takes the lead but is unable to close out the match and returns to Modica with one more point in the standings.

The first half it starts immediately with the advantage signed by Savata, the linesman raises the flag and the referee cancels the goal for offside. In the 4th minute Palermo immediately tried the shot and found the outside of the net with a technical gesture that, transformed into a goal, would go down in the annals. The first opportunity for Santa Croce arrives in the 7th minute with Bellassai who sends it wide from two steps. In the 15th minute the rossoblu are still ahead with Palermo, the midfielder starts a solitary counter-foot which ends with the woodwork sending his ball out. In the 18th minute Marino came close to scoring the Sunday goal, with a throw directly from his area surprising Gravina and touching the post. In the 28th minute another opportunity for the home team who hits the crossbar with a shot from Massari. Before the end of the first half there is still time for a post from Famà.

The recovery starts with thehome own goal who brings Vindigni and his teammates forward, on a cross in the middle Savasta tries the shot, but slips, the ball caroms off Brullo and ends up in the net. Rossoblu who continue to look for a game plot in a difficult field to practice, trying to find a game plot. In the 25th minute Cacciola tries from outside, his shot is high and out of control. Three minutes later comes the free kick that leads to the home draw, a ball put hard into the area bounces in front of Marino who cannot control it with the mud at his feet, Carta arrives on the ball and equalizes the score. The rossoblù tried until the end to get ahead with Azzara who risked bringing three points to the county at the end.

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“A match – declares Settineri – played on an impassable pitch. We certainly weren’t cynical and cunning in some situations, but we take the point and the glass half full. Today we are back in the playoff zone and that’s what matters. We must understand that all teams are opponents to be respected and against whom they can display the best of their qualities. Now let’s resume our journey without giving ourselves up and working hard”


Santa Croce: Gravina, Sauro, Pesetti, Carta, Brullo, Jansens, Silva, Bellassai, Samb (15′ st Poumot), Caminero, Massari (25′ st Travaglianti). Bench: Primavera, Vitale, Occhipinti, Travaglianti, Poumot, Ochi, Interliggi, Di Miceli. Coach: Di Salvo

Modica Calcio: Marino, Ballatore, Cacciola, Strano (35′ st Prezzabile), Vindigni, Trovato M., Incatasciato, Palmisano, Famà (22′ st Azzara), Palermo (43′ st Parisi), Savasta. Bench: Basso, Guerci, Parisi, Prezzabile, Ababei, Azzara, Alfieri, Cicero, Biondi. Coach: Alessandro Settineri.

Scorers: 3′ st Savasta (M), 28′ st Carta (S)

Expelled: Parisi (M), Caminero (S)

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