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The men’s volleyball team misses the finals, Iran and Japan compete for the title through the 2022 World Championships_China Men’s Volleyball Team

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Original Title: Men’s Volleyball Team’s hair deductions were inferior and missed the finals, Iran and Japan competed for the title through the 2022 World Championships

In the 2021 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship in Chiba, the third stage of the elimination round was stopped. The Chinese men’s volleyball team was at a disadvantage in the first semi-finals due to offensive, blocking and serve. They tried to surrender to Iran and missed the finals with 1-3 in four games and missed a straight pass. World Championship opportunity, real-time world ranking 24th requires the bronze medal match to break through Chinese Taipei to have the last chance, the latter lost to Japan 1-3 in four fierce battles. At this point, Iran has joined hands with Japan to advance to the final to compete for the Asian Championships, and at the same time, it will go straight to the 2022 World Championships without having to compare the world rankings.

As a qualifying match for the 2022 World Championships, the semi-finals are crucial for Wu Sheng to be in charge of the Chinese Men’s Volleyball Team. If you can pass through the defending champion Iran, you can go straight to the World Championships. The world rankings determine whether they can qualify. Because the men’s volleyball boys are relatively low in the world rankings, they need to strive to win Iran if they want to hold the initiative to advance. In the same way, the winner of another semi-final between the Japanese men’s volleyball team and Chinese Taipei can also pass through to the 2022 World Championships.

Faced with Beijing’s foreign aid setter Maluf’s absence, the defending champion Iran, Chinese men’s volleyball coach Wu Sheng fine-tuned the starting lineup in the semifinals. Biography No. 7 Yu Yaochen, No. 22 Zhang Jingyin, No. 6 Yu Yuantai, No. 15 Peng Shikun and No. 9 Li Yongzhen. As for the setter No. 10, Liu Meng replaced Yu Yao Chen and the main attack No. 18 Yuan Dangyi replaced Yu Yuantai, while the deputy attack No. 11 Jiang Zhengyang temporarily succeeded Li Yongzhen to serve.

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Unfortunately, the Chinese men’s volleyball team lost 1-3 to the defending Asian Championships champion Iran in four rounds. It missed the final and also lost the precious opportunity to go straight to the World Championships. Although its own mistakes were 26-35 to send 9 points less, but offensive 41-50, block 7-12 and serve 3-4 are at a disadvantage, and there is a big gap between Iran, which is playing on the bench. The problem that needs attention is that both Yu Yaochen and Liu Meng have problems with passing accuracy in the second pass, especially Liu Meng as a substitute in the field of offensive and passing cooperation, which requires actual running-in.

The Chinese men’s volleyball team’s offensive trident scored more than ten points. Beijing contributed 15 points to Jiangchuan, the team’s highest score, including 13 points for offense and 2 points for blocking. The offensive rate was 28 deductions and 13 of 46.43%. Zhejiang’s main attacker Zhang Jingyin was against Jiangsu. Jiao Yu Yuantai scored 14 and 10 points each, and the two national players’ strike percentages were 25 deductions, 13 of 52% and 22 deductions, 31.82%. On the other hand, the scoring champion belongs to the Iranian men’s volleyball bench to take over Kazemi (Kazemi), the latter blasted 18 points including 14 offensive points, block 1 point and serve 3 points.

The Japanese men’s volleyball team played in Chiba at home in another semi-final. In four rounds, Chinese Taipei and Iran passed through the World Championships with 3-1. Although they were behind their opponents by blocking 7-9 and serving 2-4, they benefited from offense. 59-49 and lost 9 points in 20-29 with his own turnover. The four national players were successfully activated by the second passer Fujii Naotosho to score 10 points, including the main attacker Ishikawa Yuki (captain) who contributed 16 points, and the diagonal attacker Takanashi Kenta, The Chinese deputy attacker Li Bo and the assistant Gongpu Jianren scored 15, 15 and 11 points respectively.

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Chinese Taipei’s main attacker Liu Hongmin won the championship with 17 points. At the same time, Wu Zongxuan and substitute main attacker Zhang Yusheng scored 16 and 12 points. The offensive trident needs the men’s volleyball team to focus on the bronze medal match. The top 24 places in the 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Championships include host Russia, defending champion Poland, and the five continent championship champions and runners-up occupying 12 seats. The remaining 12 seats belong to the world‘s top-ranked teams. As African runner-up Cameroon ranks low in the world, the Chinese men’s volleyball team temporarily ranks 24th and must win Chinese Taipei to have a chance to be shortlisted.

The men’s volleyball Asian Championships ranked 5-8 in the knockout rounds. Qatar captured South Korea 3-0 in straight sets. Australia also defeated Pakistan 3-0. In the 9-12th knockout round, India also closed Saudi Arabia 3-0. , Bahrain beat Kazakhstan 3-1 in four rounds in a fierce battle; Hong Kong, China defeated Kuwait 3-2 in five rounds in the 13-16th knockout round. Uzbekistan also defeated Thailand 3-2. In this way, the Chinese men’s volleyball team competed with Chinese Taipei for the bronze medal, while Iran and Japan were fighting for the gold medal. (Li Xianming)

Check out the complete results of the third stage of the 2021 Men’s Volleyball Asian Championship:

No. 01-04:

Chinese Men’s Volleyball Team 1-3 Iran (22-25, 25-17, 22-25, 17-25)

Japan 3-1 Chinese Taipei (25-16, 22-25, 25-21, 25-20)

No. 05-08:

Qatar 3-0 South Korea (25-16, 32-30, 25-22)

Australia 3-0 Pakistan (25-16, 26-24, 25-23)

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No. 09-12:

Bahrain 3-1 Kazakhstan (16-25, 25-23, 28-26, 25-22)

India 3-0 Saudi Arabia (25-22, 25-22, 25-23)

No. 13-16:

Uzbekistan 3-2 Thailand (28-26, 23-25, 25-19, 22-25, 20-18)

Hong Kong, China 3-2 Kuwait (25-18, 22-25, 25-21, 20-25, 16-14)

Check out the specific matches in the third stage of the 2021 Men’s Volleyball Asian Championships:

Championship battle: Iran VS Japan

Third place competition: Chinese Men’s Volleyball Team VS Chinese Taipei

05th Qualifying: Qatar VS Australia

The 07th Qualifying Round: South Korea VS Pakistan

9th Qualifying: Bahrain VS India

11th place qualifying: Kazakhstan VS Saudi Arabia

13th Qualifying: Hong Kong, China VS Uzbekistan

15th Place Qualifying: Kuwait VS ThailandReturn to Sohu to see more


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