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The Morenic skyline runs on Sunday. Departure and arrival in Vialfrè

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Everything is ready this Sunday, November 21, for the Morenic SkyLine, a competitive foot race between the hilly paths along the crests of Pleistocene moraines with start and finish in Vialfrè.

Time trial race organized by the Asd Baltea Runner association of Bairo on a thirteen km track in the woods with a positive and negative difference in height of four hundred and sixty meters, will see the presence only of runners regularly equipped with a Green pass (to be shown at the time of withdrawal of the bib and the race pack, as required by the regulations in force for the containment of Covid-19).

Runners are recommended to pay the utmost attention, because the bottom of the track, regularly marked with customized strips with the logo of the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea, could also present rough and steep sections where you can find stones, roots and stumps.

There will be checkpoints along the route to verify the correct passage of each athlete. As for the program of the event, which up to a maximum of two hundred athletes can join, it will begin at 9 with the distribution of bibs and collection of race packages in the area of ​​the parish house of Vialfrè, in via Roma 2. The race real then, will start at 10, with the starting order that will be determined by the order of registration, while as regards instead the awards will be made at 14. –

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