Home Sports The MorenicTrail starts tomorrow from Andrate Well 118 km of running and a great party

The MorenicTrail starts tomorrow from Andrate Well 118 km of running and a great party

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The MorenicTrail starts tomorrow from Andrate Well 118 km of running and a great party


Canceled in the last two years due to the Covid epidemic, the Morenic Trail returns this weekend which will start at 9 tomorrow, Saturday 1 in Andrate, to end 24 hours later, in Brosso, when the virtual gate of the competition planned on the classic distance of 118.5 kilometers with an altitude difference of 2,540 meters, along the footprint of the Balteo Glacier. This time the Morenic will be a qualifying race for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (4 points) and for the Western States, North American ultra trail of 100 miles, in Sierra Nevada (California).

There will be the spectacular ford of the Dora Baltea between Villareggia and Mazzè, with the competitors ferried aboard the rubber boats led by the multi-purpose rescue operators in ive waters of the Ivrea Committee of the Cri. The Fai will reopen the doors of the Masino Castle, so that the athletes will cross the castle park. Competitors can participate in the race in single form, in pairs, or in relays made up of four, three or two people. In conjunction with the Morenic, the Valchiusella Night Race will take place over a distance of 18.5 km, non-competitive and at night, starting at 5.30 pm from Ponte Preti and arriving in Brosso. Also at night there is the Valchiusella Night Ru, a festive walk open to all, starting at 8 pm from the Alice Superiore lake and, for the little ones, from that of Meugliano and arriving in Brosso where, in the meantime in Piazza Sclopis will have kicked off the Morenic Parade, a white night full of music and good local cuisine. To animate the evening, the local group of ocarinas and drums, an instrumental quintet from the valley and, to follow, the DJ sets of Emiglios. Finally, the highlight of the night event is the “Morenic Music Show”, starring the Dead Flinstones and the Emiglios. Showman of the Brossese part of the event, microphone in hand from early Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning, Stefano Roletti, president of Baltea Runner and creator of Morenic. The trail award ceremony is scheduled at 9 on Sunday, in Piazza Sclopis, in Brosso. –

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