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The most beautiful beaches of Karpathos, one of the exciting islands of Greece

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Karpathos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.
The Greek island of the Dodecanese, halfway between Rhodes and Crete, is a perfect destination for those seeking relaxation, sun and sea above all from a holiday.
Look at the gallery to discover the most beautiful beaches and the activities you can do in Karpathos.

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The most beautiful beaches of Karpathos, one of the exciting islands of Greece, photos

Do not miss some of the beaches such as Poliou Patami, Damatria or Apella, reachable by land. But also Kato Lakos, which can be reached by sea.

Why go to Karpathos?

For peace and wilderness, for relaxation, for escaping the crowds and for adventures and sea life. A Karpathos si fa surf thanks to the meltemi, the wind that blows almost constantly from the north, creating excellent waves for the table.
The postcard beaches, the green and varied valleys, the trekking on the trails are the pus of this Dodecanese island.
The island is not (yet) overtaken by tourists and you can experience the quiet life of the locals, between pristine beaches and white villages, far from the chaos of the Cyclades.

Karpathos cosa vedere

In addition to the bays with turquoise waters, in Karpathos there is the village of Pigadia to see, the largest and most developed, with an archaeological museum, the Acropolis and seaside restaurants.
Do not miss a walk among the ancient windmills. But also an excursion to the island of Saria and the various sports activities that allow you to explore the island.

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Karpathos voli

Karpathos is not very easy to reach, and this is one of its strengths: it is never crowded and its nature and its beaches are particularly preserved.
Most major airlines fly to Karpathos with stopovers in Athens. But some low cost also have direct flights from Italy: Neos Air, Aeroitalia, Aegean Airlines, Volotea, Flexflight and LIAT.
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