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The most dangerous battle! Guangdong’s three-core round of insurance capsizes 1 person and 10+5 broke the game_Sichuan team

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Original title: The most dangerous battle! Guangdong’s three-core round breaks the end of the ship capsized and 1 person 10+5 breaks the game

On October 26, Beijing time, the CBA regular season continued. Among them, the defending champion Guangdong team narrowly defeated Sichuan team 111-108, continuing to open the new season unbeaten. Although the Guangdong team ushered in a five-game winning streak, the defending champion was not easy to win at all. It was the most dangerous game since the start.

Not only to protect the old players from injury, but also to train the new players, the defending champion Guangdong team chose to let Yi Jianlian, Zhao Rui and captain Zhou Peng all take turns when they faced the Sichuan team. Although the Guangdong team’s Du Runwang is back in this game, the team can entrust the important task, except for the backcourt “gemini” Hu Mingxuan + Xu Jie, only veteran Ren Junfei is left.

Since the start of the game, despite the fact that the opponent Sichuan team has won one game, and the team’s main scorer Li Yuanyu has also left the team, the team is dominated by young players. However, this new force has created a lot of trouble for the Guangdong team.

Throughout the game, the biggest lead of the defending champion Guangdong team was the 13 points that appeared in the second quarter, but entering the third quarter, the Sichuan team relied on perseverance to continuously narrow the points difference. In the latter two quarters, although the Guangdong team has always been in the lead, the lack of scoring points in the team fully demonstrated its shortcomings.

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Hu Mingxuan proved with 36 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists that he can definitely lead the team on his own. But after he leaves the field, the team can only rely on Xu Jie and Ren Junfei.

Xu Jie made 7 of 12 shots in 29 minutes of playing time. He also made two three-pointers, contributing 24 points and 7 assists. As for the veteran Ren Junfei, he only scored 2 points in the first three quarters, and there was nothing bright, but entering the fourth quarter, Ren Junfei officially took over the game.

In the fourth quarter, Ren Junfei made 4 of 8 shots. He scored 10 points alone and grabbed 5 rebounds, 3 of which were offensive rebounds. It was he who took the lead at the critical moment and helped the Guangdong team maintain a weak lead.

At the last minute, the Sichuan team, which was behind by 3 points, used continuous screens and Li Honghan made a three-pointer that equalized the score. With only 32.3 seconds left, the situation has become very difficult for the defending champion.

Subsequently, Xu Jie missed a three-pointer and Hu Mingxuan did not hesitate to get a rebound. However, the Sichuan team hit Hu Mingxuan on the billboard during the confrontation. This also caused the long-depressed head coach Du Feng to lose his composure. He kept telling the referee. Complaining, and therefore received a technical foul.

However, the Guangdong team is the defending champion after all. The players from the coach have seen the big scene. In the last 10.9 seconds, the Guangdong team won consecutive free throw opportunities. The most valuable player of the finals, Hu Mingxuan, made all four free throws, and finally successfully defended Sichuan. The team’s free throws won the most difficult game since the start of the game.

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