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The National Football Team defeated Vietnam 3:2 and achieved the first victory of the top 12 of the World Preliminaries

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Chinanews Client Beijing, October 8th. In the third round of the World Preliminary 12 finals held in the early morning of the 8th Beijing time, with Wu Lei’s last-minute lore, the national football team narrowly defeated Vietnam 3:2 and won this tournament. First win in the top 12 of the World Preliminaries.

In this game, the national football team made certain adjustments in the starting lineup. Zhang Yuning became the center, Wu Lei and Exon also all started, and the midfielders were Liu Binbin, Zhang Xizhe, Wu Xi, and Wang Shenchao, Jiang Guangtai, Zhang Linpeng in the defense line. He started with Wang Gang, the goalkeeper was Yan Junling, and Li Tie sent a lineup that was biased towards offense.

In just 1 minute of the opening, the national football team got a good opportunity to score. Liu Binbin passed the pass from the left and then passed, and Zhang Yuning shot slightly wide in front of the heel. In the 3rd minute, Zhang Xizhe made a corner kick and Wu Lei’s shot was confiscated by the Vietnam goalkeeper. Since then, the Vietnamese team gradually found a rhythm and continued to control the ball in the midfield.

In the 18th minute, Exxon took the kick from the front court and shot directly above the crossbar. In the 35th minute, Wu Lei passed to Zhang Yuning who was in the penalty area. The latter pushed the goal, but was offside first. After halftime, the national football team 0:0 Vietnam.

The easy side fought again. In the 52nd minute, Wu Lei was single-handedly beaten, Zhang Yuning scored a supplementary shot and scored the team’s first goal in the top 12 of the current world preliminaries. National Football 1:0 Vietnam!

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In the 53rd minute, the national football team changed three players in a row. Hao Junmin, Alan and Wei Shihao replaced Zhang Xizhe, Exon and Liu Binbin. In the 60th minute, Wang Gang came off the field due to injury and Yu Dabao came off the bench. In the 72nd minute, Zhang Yuning, the scoring hero, was replaced by Chi Zhongguo to strengthen the defense.

In the 74th minute, Wu Lei received a header from the penalty area and scored to expand the score. The national football team was 2:0 Vietnam. In the 79th minute, Hu Jincai volleyed vigorously in the penalty area to get a goal back, and the national football team was 2:1 to Vietnam.

In the 89th minute, Ruan Jinling inserted a push in the penalty area and broke the goal. The national football team was 2:2 in Vietnam. In the 94th minute, Wu Lei scored with a shovel in the penalty area and scored twice. The national football team 3:2 Vietnam!

In the end, in the crucial battle of the top 12 of the world preliminaries, the national football team defeated Vietnam 3:2. At 1 a.m. on October 13th, Beijing time, the national football team will face the fourth rival Saudi Arabia in the top 12 of the world preliminaries.

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