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The national football team made Dalian Northeast Road Primary School boil-Sports-中工网

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Original title: Dalian players “go home” after the game (quote)

The national football team made Dalian Northeast Road Primary School boil (theme)

Beijing Evening News, Dalian (Reporter Li Li) “Everyone played a very exciting game. You are not only talented, but also have a passion for football. I hope you will maintain this momentum, enjoy football, respect each other, and dare to dream , I hope to play football on behalf of China in the future. I believe you will remember this day, and you will never forget it in your life. I will also remember your enthusiasm, and you will never forget it.” This is the afternoon of the 17th. Coach Jankovic’s message to the children of Dalian Northeast Road Primary School.

This afternoon, Jankovic brought three Dalian international players Wang Dalei, Liu Dianzuo and Sun Guowen to Dalian Northeast Road Primary School and spent an unforgettable afternoon with the children. This event is also a “journey home” for the three international players – they are the same as Gai Zengchen, Jia Xiuquan, Song Lihui, Zhou Ting, Zhang Yaokun, Feng Xiaoting, Zhou Haibin, Dong Fangzhuo, Yu Hanchao, Cui Peng, Ma Xiaoxu, etc. In this school that has sent more than 100 players to national teams at all levels.

The unimaginable enthusiasm is the first feeling that the children give to the national men’s football generals: When Jankovic and his party walked into the playground, the children who were sitting in a well-behaved manner boiled directly, and they rushed to Jankovic and the three international players, surrounded them. A child holding a football couldn’t squeeze in, and almost cried: “I really want Uncle Wang Dalei to sign for me, what should I do!” Fortunately, after hard work, he finally got his wish. When the activity began to introduce Jankovic and the three international players, the children cheered even more. “I knew them before I came to Northeast Road Primary School. When I arrived at Northeast Road Primary School, I realized that Wang Dalei, Liu Dianzuo and Sun Guowen were still in the same school as us. I didn’t expect to meet them and accept them this time. I am so happy to be guided by you.” Wang Yechen, captain of the fifth grade team, said excitedly. Although he is only 11 years old, Wang Yechen has been playing football for six or seven years. Such a passionate and boiling scene made Jankovic very happy. He said: “This is football, enthusiastic children, boiling playground, love from the heart, this is the true meaning of football.”

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After a brief ceremony, the theme of the event was entered-the national football team guided the children to play football. Wang Dalei and Liu Dianzuo led the fifth-grade team and the sixth-grade team to compete respectively. After the sixth-grade team scored the first goal, Liu Dianzuo made a handsome celebration, and the children on the bench behind him shouted loudly. After the fifth grade team scored to equalize the score, Wang Dalei immediately “returned” the celebration, and the children behind him also shouted loudly, not to be outdone. This afternoon, the playground of Northeast Road Primary School has been surrounded by laughter and shouts. During the intermission, Wang Dalei and Liu Dianzuo explained to the children. Wang Dalei held the team’s forward and told him: “As a forward, you must dare to break through. When pressing, you must press together, instead of running around in front of yourself. You must ensure that you have the best physical strength when you get the ball. To break and shoot.”

After the match, Jankovic explained the game. He and the internationals also took photos with every team from grade one to grade six, and even took photos with the children who just spontaneously came to the school to watch the football. When the event was about to end, the children shouted in unison: “We had a very good afternoon!” Wang Dalei was very touched by this situation: “I think of those things when I was young. I hope that in the future they can Go out of more international football, pass it on from generation to generation, and hope that each generation will be better than the previous generation.”

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