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The national football team may be able to meet with his family after the release of quarantine. Li Tie: I have not given up these two words in my personality

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Original title: The international team may be able to meet with his family after the release of isolation. Li Tie: I have not given up these two words in my personality

It does not seem to be an exaggeration to use “the calm before the storm” to describe the Chinese men’s national team that plunged into the Taimei Xiangguli Hotel in Taihu Lake, Suzhou.

At 3:30 pm on the 18th, national football players appeared on the sidelines of the No. 2 training ground of the Taihu Football Base near the hotel. This was also the first outdoor training session of the team after returning to China from Saudi Arabia. The three-day rest period allowed the national football players to regain their vitality. The familiar venue and scenery also made the team’s training unlike in Saudi Arabia. Because of the epidemic prevention and control, a tense atmosphere has been shrouded from beginning to end.Feature writing by our reporter Li Bing

Closed for ten days, no newcomers

On the afternoon of October 19th, the Chinese men’s football team conducted their second outdoor training after returning to China at the Suzhou Taihu Football Base. The training will be in a “fully closed” state from this time, and the on-site media interviews before and 15 minutes after the start of the training will be temporarily cancelled.

Since there is only more than three weeks to play against the Oman team on November 11th, and the preparation for the battle requires a combination of work and rest, an adjustment period has been reserved for the players. Therefore, the time left for the whole team to improve the technical and tactical arrangements and reserve physical fitness is actually relatively limited. . In addition, affected by the epidemic, all members of the national football delegation as entry personnel must accept the necessary collective isolation in accordance with the regulations. Under this circumstance, the team decided to temporarily cancel the interview session with media reporters starting from the training session on the afternoon of the 19th. In other words, the Chinese team will conduct nearly 10 days of training under “fully closed” conditions. As for whether the whole team will be adjusted in the future, it must be determined in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations.

Since the country still implements very strict epidemic prevention regulations and personnel entry management regulations, and whether the two games of the national football team in November can be finally confirmed to be held in the country still needs to be officially confirmed, so far, the forward Wu Lei who plays for the Spanish club of La Liga There is no clear information about when and where to meet with the whole team.

As for personnel adjustments, judging from the current situation, the possibility is not very great. Take Fernando, a naturalized player who had previously been selected with a higher voice, as an example. He himself is still in Brazil. Even if you return to China in the near future, you need to strictly enforce the “14+7” quarantine regulations after entry. In terms of preparation rules, he no longer has the possibility of joining the team to participate in the two games in November.

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As for whether the coaching staff will add other “newcomers”? Currently affected by the epidemic and epidemic prevention regulations, similar ideas are also difficult to realize. It should be noted that, including Wu Lei, a total of 32 players participated in the preparation for the top 12 of the National Football Team. These players were also selected by the coaching staff before joining the team, so the overall staffing is relatively rich.

The severe situation in the top 12 matches was not alleviated because the national football team returned to China. The result of 4 matches, 1 win and 3 losses, was that the Chinese team was already thrown away by the second-placed Australian team before halfway through the schedule. After two wins, there is also a three-point gap with the third-placed Oman team.

As a result, the game against Oman on the 11th of next month has become a veritable “life and death battle” for Li Tie and his national football team-winning the game and continuing to maintain the match against the team. Competitiveness of third place; losing, basically means leaving early. As for a draw, when the Japanese and Australian teams in the same group win the team, it is no different from losing.

“I don’t have the word’give up’ in my character.” Before the top 12 matches, the national football coach Li Tie told reporters this way.

From the expectation of all the people to the point of view, Li Tie had not experienced this kind of experience before becoming the head coach of the national football team. “During the 1997 Top 10 Tournament, tens of thousands of people shouted’change Li Tie’ there.” After such suffering, Li Tie frankly said that he had seen a lot of things on the contrary: “I am a person. The things that have been experienced will be tense, and before making important decisions, I will also be tense, but I am really not that tense now, and there is no pressure, because we have prepared everything that should be prepared, and we have done all the pre-plans that should be done, and the rest It’s how to do things as well as possible.”

“The coaching staff is also actively summing up the first four games after returning to China. At the same time, they are preparing for the November game to make a good training and game plan.” Since the August training in Shanghai, National Football News Officer Che Hengzhi has been with the team. Together, from the coach to the players, he saw all the hard work: “The coaching staff is very saturated during this period of time, and all work must be carried out intensively during this period of time.”

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For Li Tie, the injury situation of the national football players has improved a lot, which can be regarded as a “good” before the match against Oman, especially the left back Li Lei, who has been out of the game because of a thigh muscle strain. He was originally at the club. Wang Shenchao, who played right back, changed to left back. In addition, Hao Junmin and Wei Shihao’s injuries have basically recovered, and Zhang Linpeng, who strained his thigh during the game against the Saudi team, should be able to resume training in about a week.

Although due to the epidemic, it is impossible for the national football team to arrange an international match with the Syrian team during the period of preparation for the game in Suzhou as it did in Saudi Arabia. However, it is obviously not a big problem to find a few Chinese Super League teams to warm up, and there are still nearby Suzhou. Several Chinese A teams are “standby” at any time, and they are also good warm-up opponents.

In contrast, the national football team is obviously more concerned about whether the two games in November can be played on his home court. Li Tie has never concealed his idea of ​​wanting to fight on the real home court. Judging from the current situation, the Chinese Football Association is actively promoting the holding of home games in China, and has submitted an application report including all epidemic prevention details. Once it has been finally approved by the relevant departments, it has previously hosted the Tokyo Olympic Women’s Football qualifiers. The Battle of Korea and the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center where the Chinese team played against Guam in the top 40 group stage will be the most likely venue for the match.

You can meet with your family after release of quarantine or “transition”

According to regulations, the Chinese team, who arrived in Suzhou in the early morning of the 15th, will be able to return to normal after a period of “14+7” medical isolation and observation.

For the previous stay in West Asia for nearly 50 days, in the words of a national football player, “After that, I was almost going through it.” Because of the time difference, after each training session of the National Football Team in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, it was late at night in the country. When the National Football team members got up in the morning, the country was in working condition. In this way, it was left for them to communicate with There is not much time for contact with family members. “Even if there is no training and competition, we have to recover and treat, and in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention, we cannot go outside the hotel. The team also requires us to stay in our own room as much as possible. Now, it’s really tough, but the two hours of training on the court made everyone happier.”

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It is precisely because of this that after the team entered the Suzhou training base, the coaching staff did not arrange training, but directly gave the players three days off, so that the players can be completely relaxed from the physical to the psychological, and at the same time strive for Adjust the time difference in the shortest time. “In the past few days, the main focus was to adjust the rest and adjust the jet lag.” According to the national football news officer Che Hengzhi, this adjustment is also very necessary when returning to China from West Asia: “Training and competition in West Asia The time is relatively late, and the players’ schedules are different from those in China. There are more things to adjust.” In the eyes of the national football players, it is also a closed training camp, but returning to China and abroad is not a concept at all: “After all, everything is different now. “Synchronization” with the country, there is no such a sense of distance, even if you don’t talk, you can take a video with your family and chat with your club teammates on the phone. People will relax a lot.”

After the isolation of the national football team, there is still a period of time before the next game of Oman. According to the coaching staff’s assumptions, if conditions permit, the possibility of a short “transition” will not be ruled out. Through the change of the environment, it will help the players to improve. Prepare well. During the training camp in Shanghai in August, after realizing that many players were about to usher in a long period of closed preparations abroad and were experiencing emotional anxiety, the coaching staff changed the training plan in time and dedicated half a day to release the players. “Go out and have a small gathering with family or friends. In Li Tie’s view, this adjustment has played a considerable role. “Eating a meal together, having a chat with someone, may be much better for the players.”Return to Sohu to see more


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