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The National Football team opens Suzhou preparations and will warm up with the Chinese Super League team Li Tie for technical and tactical summary_training

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Original title: The National Football Team will start Suzhou preparations and will warm up with the Super League team Li Tie to summarize the technical and tactics

Article source: Beijing Youth Daily

After about 3 days of adjustments, the Chinese Men’s Football Team will conduct the first outdoor training after returning home at 3:30 pm on October 18th in Suzhou. The team’s preparation focus has also officially shifted to the home game against Oman in the 5th round of the top 12 matches. . It is understood that, like the previous preparations in West Asia, the Chinese team still pays attention to the rhythm of the preparations in Suzhou at this stage. In order to ensure the quality of training, the whole team plans to have a teaching match with some domestic club teams before the China-Arab matches.

After nearly 10 hours of flight, the chartered plane carrying the national football team arrived in Shanghai at 1:38 pm on October 14th, Beijing time. Although all members of the team underwent various epidemic prevention inspections as soon as they entered the country, all the nucleic acid test results of all members were not produced until that night, so it was already early morning on the 15th Beijing time when the team was shipped to the resident hotel in the Suzhou Division.

Taking into account that the team members have been in West Asia for 48 consecutive days, the Chinese Football Association and the National Football Coaching staff decided that the team will rest for 3 days after arriving in Suzhou. Using this time, the international players adjust the jet lag on the one hand, and on the other hand carry out body adjustment training on their own.

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In order to help the players adjust the jet lag as soon as possible, the team management team deliberately made various daily arrangements for the team according to the domestic time. For example, international players are encouraged to get up to eat breakfast as much as possible, and arrange the opening time for lunch and dinner at around 12 noon and 6 pm.

On the afternoon of the 17th, most of the international footballers also conducted strength training in the resident hotel gym in batches. “Maintaining a certain amount of exercise can also help the team adjust the jet lag to a certain extent,” a team insider explained.

According to the plan, the Chinese team will conduct the first outdoor training after returning to China in the Taihu Football Base No. 2 and No. 3 venues near the resident hotel at 3:30 pm on the 18th. It is understood that, with the exception of Zhang Linpeng, who strained his left thigh muscle in the China and Saudi Arabia matches, most of the other players can participate in this joint training. Left-back Li Lei, who has been in a “single training” state due to injury, is recovering well. As for whether he can participate in joint training, it depends on the specific situation after the venue.

Like previous training sessions, the Chinese team’s “first training” will still focus on “wake-up” content. The training intensity will not be great. With the advancement of preparations, the team’s next training intensity will gradually increase. It is worth noting that the weather conditions in Suzhou have been very good recently, and the international footballers are in a good mood to prepare for the game.

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Combining the situation of the first 4 rounds of the top 12 games, the coaching staff of the Chinese team headed by Li Tie has also recently made an in-depth summary of technical and tactical content. Combining the characteristics of the opponents in the two rounds in November, we will further improve our team’s preparation plan.

It is understood that although affected by the epidemic, it is difficult for the Chinese team to implement the international warm-up match during this stage of training, but in order to test the effect of preparations, the coaching staff still submits an application to arrange a warm-up. Judging from the current situation, some Chinese Super League club teams are expected to have a teaching match with the national football team.

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