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The national football team tonight Sharjah Club ushered in the first training and all aspects of the guarantee work are basically in place

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Original title: National Football Club tonight ushered in the first training in all aspects of the guarantee work is basically in place

After 10 hours of flying, the flight of the Chinese team arrived in Dubai, UAE at 10 pm on June 3rd, Beijing time. The team completed the clearance in the shortest time, took the bus to Sharjah, and stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Sharjah. At 8pm local time on the 4th in the UAE (12 o’clock Beijing time), the team will head to the training ground of the Sharjah Football Club and begin the first training session after arriving in Dubai.

Sharjah is only 25 kilometers away from Dubai. The Chinese team is no stranger to this city. Before the first round of preliminaries with Syria in 2019, the Chinese team had trained in Sharjah and played against Sharjah FC at the stadium in Sharjah. The club had a warm-up match. At that time, China beat its opponents 6-1. Therefore, the Chinese team has knowledge of the local environmental conditions and competition venues.

Since the official receipt of the task of relocation on May 31st, although the time is rushed to temporarily adjust the home stadium, the relevant staff of the Chinese Football Association have been working around the clock to solve the urgent tasks of competition, reception, logistics, signal production, and charter flights in the shortest time. At present, all aspects of event preparation and logistics support have been basically in place. Starting today, the national football soldiers will also enter the regular pre-match preparations.

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Recently, the UAE has entered the summer. The temperature during the day is around 45 degrees, the body temperature is higher, and the temperature in the evening is also above 35 degrees. The consumption of players is relatively large. The Chinese team has also tried its best in logistical support. Make sure to create the best conditions for the players. Although the conditions are definitely not comparable to Suzhou in all aspects, it must be said that in such a hasty situation, the Football Association has mobilized all resources that can be mobilized.

Epidemic prevention is also a focus of the National Football Team’s trip to the UAE. Before the Chinese team moved in, the Sheraton Hotel staff disinfected all the rooms and facilities in the hotel twice. In addition, the hotel also purchased new fitness equipment and expanded the gym. The area is provided for players to use. In addition, players’ luggage and all items that may be in contact are also fully disinfected.

Hotel General Manager Ajamar said in an interview: “The hotel’s internal epidemic prevention measures have been upgraded to the highest level to ensure that it is foolproof. We have provided the Chinese team with the most perfect service. These measures have integrated the epidemic prevention regulations of China and the UAE. .”

In addition to protecting the national team, the Chinese Football Association also has an important task to ensure the smooth progress of the game. Within the Football Association, the UAE has performed two tasks set this time, one is the success of the competition and the other is the success of the competition. According to these two goals, the current event hosting is also advancing in all directions. The Sharjah Stadium, used by the Chinese team, has recently been re-decorated, replaced with advertising backdrops, and trimmed the lawn and ground lines in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Football Association. Sharjah Club General Manager Wahid said in an interview: “Time is very tight. We are racing according to time because the UAE league has just ended. After the announcement that the Sharjah Stadium will host these games, the Chinese Football Association and the UAE Football Association immediately A joint working group was established to advance preparations in all aspects as soon as possible.” (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more

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