Home Sports The national football team’s strengthening of physical fitness is only for the hot and humid climate of Vietnam, which is a huge test.

The national football team’s strengthening of physical fitness is only for the hot and humid climate of Vietnam, which is a huge test.

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Original title: The National Football Team’s strengthening of physical fitness is only to fight Vietnam’s hot and humid climate, which is a huge test

Article source: Beijing Youth Daily

After a 4-day break, the Chinese team will conduct their first training after returning to Sharjah, UAE on September 13, local time. Starting this week, high-speed, high-intensity, and high-volume training will become the norm for the national football team. In order to impact the World Cup in Qatar, the Chinese team is ready to “live a hard life”.

Transfer to Sharjah to prepare for round 3

After finishing the second round of the top 12 match against the Japanese team in Doha, Qatar on September 7, the Chinese team transferred to Sharjah the next day to prepare for the third round of the top 12 match to be held there a month later-“Home “The match against the Vietnam team. Since the Chinese team will not be able to return to China until October 13 (the day after the fourth round of the round of 12 matches against Saudi Arabia), the team will have to stay in West Asia for more than a month. Prior to this, the Chinese team had participated in 9 or even 10 rounds of the Super League and long-term closed training sessions within a month, so the international players were generally exhausted physically and mentally. After communicating with the coaching staff, the front working group of the Chinese Football Association decided to give the team a holiday at the beginning of the team’s arrival in Sharjah.

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It is understood that the Chinese team originally planned to conduct the first outdoor training after arriving in Sharjah on the evening of September 12. On the 13th local time, he re-entered the normal training state.

Get out of the hotel collectively after a four-day break

Taking advantage of the rare 4-day rest period, the team collectively walked out of the hotel on the premise of strictly abiding by the local epidemic prevention regulations. Although the content of the outing activities is relatively simple, being able to walk out of the closed environment to the “outside world” has relieved the fatigue and tension of the national football generals, which will also help the whole team to devote themselves to training with a healthy body and mind. , The competition laid a good foundation.

Unlike the Vietnamese team for a full week off, the Chinese team will re-enter the pace of preparation after only four days of rest. It is understood that, combined with the problems exposed in the first two rounds of the top 12 games, head coach Li Tie will strengthen the training content of the team from the level of physical reserve and technical and tactical improvement in the next period of time. High-speed, high-intensity, and high-volume training will become the norm for the team to prepare for the next period of time. It is understood that Li Tie will first test the training effect through internal confrontation before the working group of the Chinese Football Association has implemented the international warm-up match. At present, with the exception of Wu Lei who has returned to Spain, the remaining 31 players can participate in training. The main defender Zhang Linpeng, who was injured and retired shortly after the opening of the second round of the top 12 matches, is currently recovering from the injury relatively well. With the assistance of the team doctor, he can already perform normal upper limb training in the gym.

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The hot and humid climate is a huge test

From the perspective of the Chinese delegation, the next team will face a more severe competitive situation. Although the progress of the Vietnam team is obvious to all, the Chinese team must score points for this opponent if they want to make a foray into the World Cup, and even must take all 3 points.

Compared with the preparations in Doha, the Chinese team “enjoyed” the training conditions and environment in Sharjah are also very superior. For example, under the active contact of the Chinese Football Association, the Sharjah Club has agreed to reserve its two best-quality base training grounds for the Chinese team’s training use. As early as November 2019, before preparing for the top 40 match with the Syrian team, the Chinese team had trained in the same venue, so they are very familiar with the environment here. The team needs to pay special attention to the fact that although the turf quality of the venue for the third round of the top 12 matches against the Vietnam team is superior, there is no additional air conditioning equipment in the venue. Although the game will be scheduled in the evening local time, the relatively hot and humid climate is still a huge test for the Chinese team. Relatively speaking, the Vietnam team from Southeast Asia may be more adaptable to this kind of weather. Therefore, it is actually very necessary for Li Tie to strengthen the team’s physical training in the near future.Return to Sohu to see more

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