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The National Games shows great culture on top of the competition-Chinanews

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The National Games show off the big culture on top of the competition

The track and field competition of the 14th National Games kicked off on September 20. According to convention, as the flagship event of the National Games system, track and field are held in the most “core” Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium. The Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium, which broke ground in 2017, is nicknamed “Pomegranate Flower”-if viewed from the air, a “steel pomegranate flower” outlined by 28 petals blooms on the banks of the Bahe River. The opening ceremony of this National Games It is held here-the stadium with a total of 60,000 seats is large in scale and advanced in facilities. It is easy for spectators to get lost for the first time.

During the National Games track and field competition, the track and field sports display team under the supervision of Yang Jun is responsible for introducing and promoting the special knowledge of track and field to the audience. During the competition, according to the progress of the event, through music and interaction, the audience’s emotions are driven and the athletes are cheered. , So as to stimulate the enthusiasm and state of the athletes.

“We are selfless when we are at work. We are already integrated with the “Pomegranate Flower”, track and field competitions, athletes, and spectators.” The control room of the Yang Jun team is located on the fourth floor of the “Pomegranate Flower”, where they can see the infield. Every corner: “The track and field sports display team has 22 people. The track and field arena is the one with the most people, the heaviest task, and the most pressure among the 10 projects we are responsible for. The guide, audio, video, camera, ceremony broadcast, and LED control of athletes’ exit doors In every link, there can be no mistakes. Our task is to make the overall effect of track and field competitions look better, so that the audience can show through our all-round display, to the athletes, to the track and field competitions, and to the entire sports competition. Intuitive understanding, and spread the cultural characteristics of the game to the audience as much as possible. The game needs such promotion, and the audience needs these services.”

  The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Hundred Meters War, and the history of the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties are “in the same frame”

On the first day of the track and field competition, Yang Jun’s voice became a little dumb because of too much talk: it was not the same as the rehearsal exercise. After the game officially started, various unexpected problems followed, no It is as difficult to stop communicating and passing information as the athletes who are participating in the competition on the field.

The hottest star on the track and field, Su Bingtian, appeared in the men’s 100-meter preliminaries on the morning of the first day of the race. The stadium that was empty yesterday suddenly changed the next day, but this time there was no room for ambiguity.

“Actual combat is not the same as an exercise. In addition to being excited for the game, we must always keep a cool head and do our job well.” Yang Jun said, “The most memorable day was September 21. That day coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival. , And then Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye compete in the 100-meter final at night. The heavyweight competition, top stars, holidays, fine weather… So in addition to serving the already very exciting competition, we have to plan extra special tasks to let the spectators be on the field. Have a wonderful and unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival.”

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On the night of the men’s 100-meter final, the “Pomegranate Flower” sold a total of 20037 tickets and 17,250 tickets. This is the largest number of domestic sports events since January 2020. field). Thick process scripts and real-time match information reports are stacked next to the sports display team’s console. A number of key content is marked with different colors: for example, how long should the 100-meter finals be displayed in advance at 20:40, such as venue display and The difference between the door display, the coordination of music, video, and special effects… a piece of oral broadcast including date, weather, competition unit and other information is an essential element of the sports show host’s daily opening remarks, but how to be clear, direct and natural Adding the message of “Mid-Autumn Festival”, the host tried four or five methods during the rehearsal.

Sports events meet traditional festivals, and it is an excellent time to spread traditional and local culture. Therefore, the exhibition team specially broadcasted the Mid-Autumn Festival animation video with the “Prosperous Tang Style” on the large screens on both sides of the stadium. On the LED ring screen, there is also a group of images of the sea of ​​clouds mapping Kongming lanterns, coupled with the palace-like Chinese style music, and the history of the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, so it is instantly alive on the track and field stadium.

“The video was shot at landmarks such as Daming Palace, Yongning Gate, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Olympic Sports Center and other landmarks in Xi’an. From the perspective of conveying the culture of the stadium, our job is not only to mobilize the atmosphere of the scene, and let the audience experience track and field competitions. The charm of the Olympic Games should also help the audience to better understand the professional knowledge of each event. The Olympic Games is a display of the culture of a big country, and the National Games should reflect the local culture. Even on ordinary game days, our stadium sports display also arranges a lot of reflections. The ingenuity of local elements, such as the broadcaster who speaks fluent Shaanxi dialect, background music with Shaanxi dialect, and cheerleading videos that drive audience interaction.” Yang Jun said, “With the help of the National Games to promote local characteristics and sports culture, relatively In terms of the macro and comprehensiveness of the opening and closing ceremonies, the sports exhibition closely integrates the events and the charm of different projects to complete the dissemination of sports culture in a quiet way. Maybe many audiences are not very’professional’, just come to see the excitement , But if the watching experience makes them feel comfortable and aftertaste, they may like the atmosphere of the arena, and thus like track and field events. If there are similar games in the future, they may pay more attention.”

  The National Games Rock Climbing Field Roars “Huayin Laoqiang”

Sports display (in-competition sports display) officially transformed from “concept” to “practice” after the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and became an indispensable part of all competitions. In the “IOC Technical Manual”, “sports display” has special technical standards, and the appearance of truly professional sports display in large-scale domestic competitions began in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Today, the Chinese people’s demand for “sports exhibition” is increasing day by day. All influential sports events in China, whether large-scale comprehensive events, professional leagues or individual championships, the transmission of event culture and sports culture, have been integrated into the event itself, especially the volume. Tailor-made sports display content has become an important measure to open up the market for some emerging projects.

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“Rock climbing derived from mountaineering is currently still a niche project. Before entering the Tokyo Olympics, the general population did not know much about this project, so our socialization and marketization can rely on the organization of various events. And the sports exhibition inside and outside the stadium, to let everyone know more about the culture of rock climbing, and feel the charm of this project is called “ballet on the rock wall”.” Li Guowei, director of the climbing department of the Mountaineering Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, said: “We In 2018, we founded the National Rock Climbing League (participated by professional players). After this National Games, we also plan to launch the National Rock Gym League (participated by amateurs). We are very confident in the development of rock climbing. We use the highest standard of sports display team’s effect, the audience acceptance is very high.”

This National Games rock climbing competition has been postponed and rescheduled several times due to rain, but the audience’s “fascination” with the rock climbing arena still left a deep impression on reporters: on the evening of September 20th, the rock climbing arena under 16 women’s biathlon competition As the wind and rain came to the end, the two parasols in the infield area had been blown to the audience. The competition committee urgently agreed to cancel the subsequent men’s adult sprint race, but the spectators were still reluctant to leave the arena. “This game is interesting and beautiful.” , Is the only reason for hundreds of spectators to stop in the rain and wait for the game to restart after the storm. According to the reporter’s understanding, the sports display team of the rock climbing stadium “targets” the 2019 World Rock Climbing Championships in Japan. In addition to competitive competitions, the rock climbing stadium of the Games is more like a wonderful performance: the video content carefully produced by the display team is projected onto a rock wall close to 20 meters high through projection. The audience can not only understand the professional knowledge of rock climbing, but also Appreciate the authentic “Huayin Old Opera” in Shaanxi-the old Opera is upright, high-pitched, majestic and heroic: “Guys, bring your equipment and come climbing!”

The combination of “ancient” and “modern” cultures blend in on the rock walls of the rock climbing arena.

“Foreign rock climbing events have used high standards like the NBA to convey sports culture, regional culture, and even national culture.” Li Guowei said: “The Tokyo Olympics is the first Olympic show of rock climbing, and this National Games is rock climbing. For the first National Games of the project, we used international standards to organize the National Games rock climbing competition. It can be said that the international arena has been moved into the National Games arena, and the audience will naturally buy it. The events we will launch later will be based on this National Games. Benchmarking, coupled with richer display content, makes this sport more known, accepted and loved by more people.”

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  The “National Games Model” of Sports Culture Dissemination

Skateboarding, rock climbing, surfing, these sports which are closely related to the lifestyles of young people and are more loved and sought after by young people. Under the background of the Olympics seeking to lose weight, they can still become new items of the Tokyo Olympics, and their cultural value is “indispensable.” “: Among young people’s cultural values, more fashionable, interesting, and exciting sports are their first choice. To maintain vitality in the Olympic Games, we must open our arms to meet the young people’s needs for watching and participating in the competition-“Break Dance “It has become a new item in the 2024 Paris Olympics-the 2024 Paris Olympics. Rock climbing may increase from 2 gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics to 4 gold medals, and by the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, rock climbing gold medals may even increase to 6 gold medals. In this process, the dissemination of sports culture has naturally become a bridge for communication and integration between sports and young people.

“An important goal of disseminating sports culture in sports events is to enhance the public’s awareness of the project. If the content displayed by sports can better express sportsmanship and sportsmanship, it will stimulate people’s interest in sports and participate in sports. , That’s the best result.” Same as Yang Jun’s point of view, said Wang Fang, associate professor of Beijing Sport University and China Academy for Advanced Study of Olympics. On a large platform, the communication effect will also be closely related to the attention of the event itself.”

Sports is a sport that shapes people. It is a specific way for people to receive education through physical exercise and competition. It promotes sports culture through competitive events, and drives and attracts more people through the demonstration role of high-level athletes and star athletes. Participate in sports, practice national fitness and national sports.

Still taking the emerging difficulty competition of rock climbing as an example, the players wait in the closed area in advance, and they will see the route only when they enter the arena. The ability to “analyze problems on the spot” and “solve problems on the spot” is crucial, and the closing time is 4 minutes. Rock climbing requires athletes to try different climbing methods. This is a test and experience of “frustration education”.

“In the final analysis, as a platform for competitions, the National Games should become a channel and window to help more people establish correct sports concepts and update people’s awareness of sports values ​​and sports culture.” Wang Fang said, “Chinese sports have developed to At the current stage, we must shoulder the important task of cultivating talents to meet the needs of the country’s future development. At this level, this National Games has set an example for more sports events to be held in the future in the dissemination of sports culture.”

Our newspaper, Xi’an, September 23, by wire

China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Guo Jian Liangxuan Source: China Youth Daily


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