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The NBA favorites blew up. Fail? No, a step to rush, Adetokunbo surprised

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The NBA favorites blew up.  Fail?  No, a step to rush, Adetokunbo surprised

Milwaukee’s top star, however, soon evaluated the failure and did not end happily. It’s not a failure, but a step to rush, Adetokunbo declared, his voice and body showing disappointment.

Michael Jordan played for 15 years and won six titles, so the other nine years were failures? Is that what you want me to do? he was angry.

Milwaukee’s Janis Adetokunbo (left) tries to stop Miami’s Jimmy Butler.

There are no failures in sports, there are only good and bad days. Sometimes I can fall asleep, sometimes not. This is the essence of sport, you can’t win. Ask someone else this year, it’s simple.

The Bucks, who are the mainstay of the current NBA season, have a record of 58 wins and 24 losses.

Con i Krej

Atlanta also finished in the first round of the playoffs, and Vt Krej was also eliminated. esk did not get a hit in the warm-up in the series with Boston (2:4).

Adetokunbo scored 38 points and 20 rebounds, but Jimmy Butler in the Heat’s jersey took the biggest credit, he just flashed 42 points and scored a long shot with half seconds before the end of the basic player era.

We played hard, we gave what we were capable of, he rejoiced. And we also didn’t listen to the surrounding traffic, he looked at the forecasts, which clearly favored Milwaukee for the promotion.

In the end, Jene got a round with the New York Knicks to play Miami, an eight-team squad that had to make it through the first round to face the Bucks. ESPN calls it one of the most surprising in the history of the game.

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The team around Butler was also helped by the injured Adetokunba, who fell on his left and right in the first quarter of the water mae series and missed the game. The Milwaukee basketball team was talking about a fighter who averaged 31 points per game in the regular season. They lost 1:2, and while Adetokunbo struggled for the rest of the game and scored 26 and 38 points, they did not reverse the loss.

I was fed up with the fact that they played to beat us, while we concentrated on winning the title, the star indicated that his team and players were preoccupied with the vision of triumph, instead of concentrating on the first peck.

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