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The new generation of Chinese women’s football team goes to the United States to warm up and gain experience – Xinhuanet

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Chinese Women’s Football Team Gains Experience in Warm-Up Match Against United States

The Chinese national women’s football team is in the midst of a rebuilding period and recently played a warm-up match against the former world champion United States team in an away game. The match resulted in a 0-3 loss for the Chinese team, reflecting the gap in strength between the two teams during the transitional period.

As the team looks towards the future, younger players, known as the “post-00s,” have started to emerge as key players on the national team. This transition period is crucial for the development of the new generation of Chinese women’s football players, as they are gaining valuable experience through international competitions.

The Chinese women’s football team recently failed to qualify for the Paris Olympics, and as a result, they face the challenge of having limited opportunities for high-intensity competitions. Their trip to the United States to participate in an invitational tournament and play against the U.S. women’s football team, currently ranked third in the world, provides a rare opportunity for the team to gain practical experience.

With the former head coach Shui Qingxia resigned, Wang Jun, the head coach of the U20 National Youth Women’s Football Team, has taken on the role of interim coach for the national team. The absence of key players, including Wang Shuang, Yang Lina, and Chen Qiaozhu, due to injuries and other factors, posed additional challenges for the Chinese team during the warm-up match against the U.S. team.

The match saw the national team experimenting with new lineups and formations in an effort to prepare for the upcoming U20 Asian Cup finals in 2024. Despite the loss, younger players like Wang Siqian and Huo Yuexin, who were previously selected for the U20 National Youth Team, made their debut appearances for the national team, highlighting the focus on nurturing new talent for the future.

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However, technical statistics revealed that the Chinese team lagged behind in various areas, particularly in passing and receiving abilities in the midfield and backfield. This presented a technical shortcoming for the team, especially when facing strong opponents like the U.S. team. The lack of overall coordination and tactical understanding also contributed to the team’s challenges during the match.

While the 0-3 loss highlighted the gap in strength between the two teams, the Chinese women’s football team gained valuable experience as they adapt to fast-paced and high-intensity competitions in away games. The team looks towards their second warm-up match with hopes of improved performance and a greater sense of confidence and decisiveness on the field.

As the Chinese women’s football team continues to strive for improvement, their experience gained from the warm-up match against the United States will be essential in shaping the future of the team and nurturing a new generation of talented players.

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