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The new sporting structure of Club Brugge is known in all but one place: this is what it looks like

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Three members from the new organizational chart of Club Brugge.

CEO Bob Madou has explained the new structure of Club Brugge. Below is an overview of how Club wants to function sportingly after the impending exit of Vincent Mannaert.

CEO: Bob Madou

Manages the club on a daily basis, including the sporting department – those people must report to him. Must be accountable to the Board of Directors, which includes Bart Verhaeghe. Will be heard in every decision.


Director of Football: Dévy Rigaux

The former youth coach and team manager, who is highly regarded internally and in football, will be responsible for all transfer movements. Madou: “In a summer mercato at Club you can speak of forty to fifty files – from the contract extension of a youth player to finding a new striker. That is a very large volume. Dévy Rigaux will do that. He has now been working at the Club for more than ten years and has worked very closely with Vincent for a number of years. He has now developed a very strong network and played a very dominant role in many successful incoming and outgoing transfers. If a foreigner had his CV, you would say: ‘Wow, that’s ‘ne punishen’.”

Dévy Rigaux. — © BELGAIMAGE

Sports Director: Maarten Dedobbeleer

Will take care of all practical matters, so that things continue to run smoothly at all levels. Madou: “That is about management, planning and organization. Then I’m talking about the sports science, the team around the team, the data and technology, the logistics…’ Will therefore leave less of its mark on the transfer policy or the purely sporting buttons.

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Dice (central). — © Isosport

Technical Director: to be appointed

The new technical director – previously the Dutchman John de Jong was in the picture – will function very close to the team. Madou: “He must monitor the Club’s culture and playing style and consult one-on-one with the coach and the technical staff. He must know the dressing room and, as far as I’m concerned, also like to know Belgian football. In addition, he must have enough experience and real football content so that a trainer believes him. But he must also be able to give confidence to a trainer, so that he does not think: ‘Tomorrow that technical director wants to sit in my chair.’”

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