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The new twelve-league starts with too much Vaud

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The new twelve-league starts with too much Vaud

Because FC Sion is relegated, there is a horror scenario for the Super League, which has been increased to twelve teams. Vaud is represented three times. That will be a challenge – for the league, but especially for the promoted Stade Lausanne-Ouchy and Yverdon.

Seize the moment: FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy storms into the Super League. Teddy Okou (left) scores 3:2 against Sitten.

Laurent Gilliéron / Keystone

The Swiss football league opens its arms, increases the number of participants from 10 to 12 and looks forward to new and sometimes even missing guests. For example FC Aarau, which can draw on a considerable catchment area and welcomes a larger audience in the Challenge League than FC Lugano in the Super League, which is flooded with money but apparently only appreciated by Ticino in cup finals.

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