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The new Udinese: cold blood the defense and lots of youth

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The new Udinese: cold blood the defense and lots of youth

Third. In the standings. Surprisingly, but deservedly, as everyone acknowledged after the victory over Inter which threw Udinese behind the two leaders Atalanta and Napoli. But Andrea Sottil’s team is on the podium in a ranking that should make us think about the Juventus “project”.

That of youth. Taking the defenses of the twenty series teams last day, Udinese is the third lowest average age, 23.6 years, among other things behind two former Juventus coaches who, evidently, have learned in these parts to trust the youngsters, given that Luca Gotti lined up against Sampdoria Ampadu, Nikolau and Kiwior (22.6 years on average), while Gabriele Cioffi bet on Hien, Gunter and Coppola (23 rounds).

At Friuli, against Inter, Sottil fielded Rodrigo Becao (born in 1996), Jaka Bijol (1999) and Nehuen Perez (2000) as starters, and was rewarded with a very substantial performance on both sides of the pitch. since the Slovenian was the author of the overtaking goal. The ability of the Juventus defenders to take advantage of corner kicks is not a novelty, also recalling the header goals of Becao and Masina (the owner unfortunately finished out due to a knee injury that will cause him to lose most of the season) against AC Milan.

Tornado at the average age of the Udinese rearguard for what promises to be the starting version of the entire season, this is of course a partial statistical survey, considering that turnover and injuries have affected the choices of the technicians, given the rhythm start supported in this championship, without forgetting that even the tactical set-up weighs on the averages, given that in the case of the 4-man defenses only the two central ones were taken into consideration. Out of curiosity, however, it is worth noting that the most seasoned rearguard of the seventh day was that of Sampdoria, 29 years on average with Murillo and Ferrari as owners.

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Immediately after the trio made up of Marlon, Pablo Marì and Izzo: 28.6 years of experience each to beat Juventus with the Monza shirt on. Then AC Milan with the Tomori-Kjear duo, defended by 28.5 on average who, however, underwent a facelift during the 90 minutes with Napoli with the exit of the Dane and the entry of the 22-year-old Kalulu.

Definitely more convincing other figures, those of the goals conceded. Udinese have collected 7 so far, but 4 are on their back from the first day, when they faced Milan at San Siro. Then a goal from Monza, one from Sassuolo and the last last Sunday from Inter.

In short, it is clear that Sottil has managed to straighten the course with after the first day a bit cheerful which among other things also affects another statistic, that of “cold blood” – despite his age, one might add -, considering that Udinese only conceded two goals in the second half, those of San Siro.

How many Napoli which is one of the championship’s iron defenses, 5 conceded goals, like Lazio, where the surprising Atalanta commands, 3 goals conceded, which has been able to change its skin compared to recent seasons. Udinese, Napoli, Atalanta and Lazio, in no particular order, but reading these numbers it is no coincidence that they are the first of the current A.

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