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The number of people in the National Football Association of Japan does not exceed 60, and about half of the local assistants cannot accompany the team on the expedition

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The number of players in the National Football Association of Japan should not exceed 60. The team consists of 51 team members + 9 working group members

About half of the 13 local assistants cannot go with the team

According to the plan, after 11 days of training in Shanghai and two internal teaching games during this period, the Chinese men’s football delegation will depart for Tokyo, Japan on January 23. The preparations will be held at the Saitama World Cup Stadium on January 27. The 7th round of the Qatar World Preliminary Asian Top 12 match against Japan. Recently, there are rumors that the size of the Chinese team’s visiting delegation is up to 100 people. However, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily verified and learned that due to the impact of the epidemic, the Japanese Football Association requested that the total number of delegations from the Chinese team to Japan should not exceed 60 people. From the perspective of fully guaranteeing team competition and epidemic prevention work, the Chinese Football Association will basically follow the configuration of “51 team members + 9 working group members” to form the visiting lineup of this national football delegation.

Training lineup

Players and various security personnel

93 people entered the current list

On January 7, the Chinese Football Association officially released the first training notice for the Chinese men’s football team in 2022. An unprecedentedly large list of coaches and players is on the list. The list shows that a total of 93 people, including coaching team members, managers, medical, foreign affairs, scientific research and various logistical support service personnel, have entered the current training lineup.

It is understood that considering that the international players will face competition within the team in the future, and individual injuries or other unexpected situations will inevitably occur during the training camp, the Chinese Football Association, in order to ensure the smooth trip of the team to Japan and Vietnam at the end of this month, is possible to participate in advance. Visiting personnel prepare visa procedures. Therefore, some media speculated that the scale of the Chinese team’s delegation to Japan will reach 100 people.

Epidemic prevention restrictions

Significantly reduce the number of visits

51 people in the team + 9 people in the working group

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that, affected by the epidemic, the Japanese government introduced very strict restrictions on the entry of foreigners at the end of November last year. However, considering that the home schedule of the top 12 Japanese team should not be changed, the Japanese team is specially approved to play the top 12 home game with the Chinese team according to the schedule. According to the epidemic prevention regulations introduced by the Japanese government, the Japanese Football Association requires that the total number of Chinese team delegations visiting Japan should not exceed 60.

Considering that the Chinese team’s training at this stage is to match the upcoming two away games against Japan on January 27 and against Vietnam on February 1, the Chinese Football Association finally decided to leave as many visiting places as possible to the team. The total number of members of the official working group of the Chinese Football Association has been greatly reduced compared with the previous top 40 matches and the first 6 rounds of the top 12 matches. The initial allocation plan for the specific personnel of the delegation is as follows: 51 members of the team and 9 members of the working group. The 9 members of the working group include a major leader of the Chinese Football Association and a representative of the person in charge of competition, foreign affairs, and media.


13 local teaching assistants

About half missed the trip with the team

The quota for the Chinese team to visit is limited to 51, which means that nearly half of the members selected for this training camp will not be able to visit Japan and Vietnam.

Including coach Li Xiaopeng, there are 16 coaching staff members in the current national football team. Li Xiaopeng, physical coach Wilk, goalkeeper coach Ou Chuliang and others will normally go out with the team. The Spanish assistant Pep, who has recently joined the coaching staff, will go straight to Japan from Barcelona later this month. This means that about half of the 13 local assistants will miss out on the team.

There is also an objective competition for visiting places among international players. Although the coach Li Xiaopeng will clearly select the “main team” based on training and the first internal teaching competition on the 16th, and most of the players who travel with the team are “old people” who have participated in the previous World Preliminaries, but if here During the period, some potential newcomers, especially young players, performed well, and the coaching staff did not rule out the possibility of taking them away as Raiders. In addition, since there are still doubts about whether several naturalized (naturalized) players can come to the team during the game, the coaching staff also needs to select appropriate candidates from the “reserves” and add them to the expedition lineup at any time.

Prepare for war

Three more generals training will turn to technical and tactical drills

On the afternoon of January 13, the Chinese men’s football team conducted the second outdoor training of this Shanghai training camp at the Century Park training ground. Midfielder Yin Hongbo, who missed the first day of training due to injury, and Li Shuai and Liu Ruofan, who had just participated in the relegation playoffs of the Chinese Super League, also appeared at the training site with the team. With the arrival of 15 international players from Shanghai Seaport and Shandong Taishan on the 14th, the training of the Chinese team will be transferred from “recovery” to technical and tactical content. The new coach Li Xiaopeng’s thinking about using troops will gradually become clearer.

As of noon on January 13, a total of 30 international players arrived at the national football station to report. Among them, Li Shuai from the Dalian People’s Club and Liu Ruofan from the Chengdu Rongcheng Club took part in the second round of the Super League relegation playoffs in the Suzhou Division a day ago, and immediately rushed to Shanghai to join the national football team. Relevant people in the team revealed that although the two young international players are physically tired, they are deeply honored to be selected for the national football team, and they can’t wait to participate in this training camp.

During the first practice on the afternoon of the 12th, a total of 26 players were present. Among them, Yin Hongbo stayed in the hotel gym for single training due to a strained left calf muscle. Although Zhu Chenjie reported to the team as scheduled, because he was slightly unwell and had a low-grade fever after arriving at the station, the team allowed him to temporarily return to his home to recuperate. However, on the morning of the 13th, he had returned to the team and performed physical training in the hotel gym.

On the afternoon of the 13th, Yin Hongbo and Liu Ruofan and Li Shuai, who had just joined the team, appeared at the training ground of Century Park together. However, Yin Hongbo did not practice with the team. Instead, he and Zhang Xizhe conducted restorative training in the training room on the sidelines under the guidance of Italian rehabilitation teacher Coti. The other two ran laps on the sidelines accompanied by team doctor Kim Il.

According to the plan, a total of 15 international players from the Taishan and Haigang clubs who participated in the FA Cup final on January 9 will arrive in Shanghai to report on the 14th. Prior to this, Haigang defender Wei Zhen was suspended for the FA Cup final and joined the team on the 11th.

In an interview with the media before the start of training on the afternoon of the 13th, captain Wu Xi admitted that up to that time, head coach Li Xiaopeng had not put forward specific requirements to the players for this training session. With the arrival of international players from Taishan and Haigang on the 14th, the coaching staff will shift the focus of training from “physical recovery training” to “technical and tactical drills”.

After being familiar with the new coach’s coaching ideas or concepts, the players will be divided into several groups, first to conduct small-scale confrontation training, and then on the 16th, an internal warm-up match involving the “main force and substitute” diversion will be held. From this point of view, the training in the next few days will be closely related to the internal competition of the international players. This is a good opportunity for the majority of newcomers, especially young players to “fight for the top”.

Text/Xiao Zhen, a reporter from Shanghai, China

Coordination / Photo courtesy of Du Rui / National Football Official Weibo


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