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The old guard is a guarantee, the Americans are growing: the Old Wild West has started off on the right foot

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Team promoted after the Super Cup victory: the ball turns well and Cappelletti is already at ease

UDINE. I know good morning starts in the morning, we can safely say that for the Apu Old Wild West it will be a season full of satisfactions. The Supercoppa match with Mantua was not one to make your wrists tremble, also because the Lombard team is a work in progress and lacked a fundamental element like Hollis Thompson, but there are so many positive indications.

Happy notes

Technical continuity is a nice advantage over the competition, for an APU that confirmed the coach and kept half of the roster unchanged. The old guard replies “present” when some difficulties arise, and in this context Cappelletti has already entered wonderfully. In attack the ball circulates like a marvel, 43% of Mantua’s three-pointers is the result of very well-constructed open shots. The defensive phase is also good, it is only pre-season but you can see the necessary intensity. A round of applause should be spent for “Ciccio” Pellegrino, more and more in confidence: 6 points and 10 rebounds are a nice booty. To underline the good performance of Ebeling: the injury is a distant memory and “Tatu” is finding the best form. Lautier-Ogunleye’s debut was also positive, good at giving the expected contribution.

Note negative

For the second consecutive time Walters showed some nervousness following alcone referee whistles. Boniciolli defended the player after the match, but for the future it will be good to avoid excesses that can prove harmful to the team. Colorless test for Italian, on the field only for 12 minutes and far from the performance offered at the Memorial Pajetta against Turin. From the point of view of the collective, there is the defect of too many turnovers, 18 to be filed.

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Still Mvp

Best of the match at the Memorial Pajetta against his former team, an encore in the Super Cup. Alessandro Cappelletti had a great impact on the Udinese environment, and the figures from Mantua confirm this: 15 points (100% from two and free, 50% from three), 8 assists, 3 fouls suffered and 2 steals for 24 evaluation. «We played the match we had set ourselves – said the Umbrian playmaker – with a lot of defensive intensity, keeping the opponents at 60 points. This is our first goal in every match, we said that the defensive part must be solid, then in attack everything comes easier ».

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