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The only 7 exercises to do in the gym with weights

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The only 7 exercises to do in the gym with weights

Weight training requires strength, power and technique. But even if you are not a agonist, and if you simply want to improve your general fitness, a few exercises to do in the gym with weights are enough, particularly effective for building muscles, improving athletic performance and improving general physical health.

The only 7 exercises to do in the gym with weights

So here are the only 7 most effective weight lifting exercises to do in the gym and their benefits. To find out how to do them correctly, browse the gallery.

1. Squat – Accosciata
The basic exercise to develop strength and power not only in the lower body.

2. Deadlift – Deadlifts
A great exercise for developing lower body strength and power, as well as back and grip strength, i.e. arms and shoulders.

3. Deadlift and Turn – Clean and Press
The barbell deadlift and turn is a very complete and very effective exercise for developing strength and muscle mass in the back, shoulders, legs and glutes.

4. Snatch – Turn takeoff and momentum
The snatch is the evolution of the previous exercise and is another exercise that requires explosive power and technique.

5. Clean and Jerk
The Clean and Jerk is an evolution and variation of the snatch.

6. Five
A classic exercise for building upper body strength and power.

7. Tractions – Pull-ups
An exercise that is performed with the body free, but should always be included in a complete training program.

Benefits of weight lifting exercises

  • Increased strength and power
  • Improved muscle tone and definition
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased bone density and joint health
  • Improved metabolic function and fat loss
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved mental health and self-confidence
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To get the most out of weight lifting exercises, it is important to perform them with correct technique and to gradually increase the weight as you get stronger and more confident. It’s also important to vary your exercises and include a mix of upper and lower body movements for a balanced and effective workout.


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