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The opening game of the 24th CUBA held a four-year long-term commitment to continue helping Chinese basketball jqknews

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The opening game of the 24th CUBA held a four-year long-term commitment to Chinese basketballFly into the homes of ordinary people

The opening game of the 24th CUBA China University Basketball League kicked off recently at the Xiangcheng Sports Center in Chengdu. The competition was also the final of the Sichuan Division of the grassroots competition, and it was a competition between the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Southwest Jiaotong University. With the score of 99-94, Southwest Jiaotong University beat the University of Electronic Science and Technology to the top of the competition area, and the 24th CUBA officially opened. big curtain. It is worth mentioning that in the process of continuous optimization and upgrading of CUBA event operations, more and more leading brand institutions have also increased their support for the event. After years of cooperation, it has been upgraded to become the official strategic partner of CUBA and the only designated transportation equipment sponsor.

Caption: The opening game of the new season CUBA will be held in Chengdu.

The “quasi” was founded by former CBA professional player Lin Chenyao. Since its inception,Qualified SportsIt has forged an indissoluble bond with Chinese basketball and campus basketball. From sponsoring McGrady China Tour in 2014 and 2015 to sponsoring 2017 CBA Summer League, Guangdong Men’s Basketball League, and NYBO Youth Basketball Open, Zhunzhe Sports has been helping the development of basketball in China. Since the start of the cooperation with CUBA in 2019, ZZZ Sports has sponsored thousands of college basketball teams with a total value of hundreds of millions of yuan. Lin Chenyao once said in an interview with the media that the barriers between professional and campus basketball are slowly breaking down in the development of Chinese basketball today. Chinese basketball needs the future, and the hope lies in campus basketball.

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Caption: Zhunzhe Sports founder Lin Chenyao (left) and Ali Sports CEO Mu Yang (right)

The audience of CUBA is mainly young players and college students, which matches the target group of prospective sports. ZZZZ Sports is also supporting CUBA events through more channels. For example, Li Yiyang, one of the signed spokespersons, has been selected as the CBA rookie, and Wang Lanxi is also regarded as a popular player in the next CBA draft.

With the CUBA league back on track, ZZZ Sports is also continuing to deploy and support campus basketball. In the opening game of the 24th CUBA, the designated equipment shoes for the event were particularly eye-catching, which attracted the attention of many fans.

In addition to renewing the long-term contract with CUBA this time, ZZZZZER Sports also cooperated with the old friend Guangdong Basketball Association to overweight, and will sponsor the Guangdong Men’s Basketball League, Guangdong Women’s Basketball League, and Guangdong Three-person Basketball Tournament (adults) in the next 5 years. ), Guangdong Province Small Basketball League (U8, U10, U12 men, women) four events, become the senior strategic partner of Guangdong Basketball Association events, the only designated clothing and equipment and the only designated game ball sponsor.

Caption: CUBA renews contract with QuasiZha Sports for four years

“Where there is a stadium, there is a right person” is the future direction and goal of the right person. Lin Chenyao said that today, as Chinese basketball is gradually growing, Zhunzhe Sports will also take the opportunity of long-term sponsorship of major basketball leagues in China to continue to deepen league cooperation and help more and more outstanding players to move towards a higher level of competition, together for China. The development of basketball and Guangdong basketball has made new contributions and written a new chapter.

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(Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Yuanchun)

Editor: Zhao Yue


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