Home Sports The Pdhae faces the Lavagnese wave at home

The Pdhae faces the Lavagnese wave at home

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Having found a certain level in a complex that has been revolutionized several times, Mr. Cretaz is trying to refine the movements and the predisposition of his men on the field to give continuity to the positive results of the latest releases. Lavagnese will go down on Sunday at the Milliery in Montjovet. The program of the 12th day (Sunday 21 at 2.30 pm): Bra – Varese, Caronnese – Novara, Casale – Gozzano, Hsl Derthona – Ligorna, RG Ticino – Asti, Saluzzo – Fossano, Sanremese – Borgosesia, Vado – Chieri, Sestri Levante – Imperia. Ranking. Chieri points 23; Novara 22; Farmhouse 21; Hsl Derthona 20; Sanremese 19; Borgosesia 17; Pdhae and Varese 16; Gozzano 15; Bra and Lavagnese 14; I go 13; Asti and Ligorna 12; Imperia and Ticino 11; Caronnese 10; Sestri Levante 9; Fossano 8; Saluzzo 7. –

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