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the pencil for the European Bonus, La Sad conquer the Pelù Bonus

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the pencil for the European Bonus, La Sad conquer the Pelù Bonus

After the first two evenings of Sanremo, Dargen D’Amico dominates the Fantasanremo rankings. But the game is still to be played.
– The Fantasanremo ranking after the second evening
– The best memes of the second evening

The top five of the third evening

Shortly after half past one, the top five of the third evening arrive, i.e. the five artists who gain 20 points for having been voted most by the televoting and the radio jury. They are Angelina Mango, Ghali, Alessandra Amoroso, Il Tre, Mr Rain. All new entries compared to the rankings of the previous evenings, apart from Angelina Mango, who had already been voted by the press room.
We certainly won’t have recorded all the Bonuses (and Penalties) from this evening and Thursday, many have accumulated points with social live broadcasts, mustaches on posters and performances with the Fantasanremo Orchestra. For the official ranking updated by the Italian Fantasanremo Federation you have to wait a few hours: it will be published at 10.00 on Friday 9 February.

Las Sad and the Pelù Bonus

Geolier, first in the ranking among the five winners of the second evening, gets 10 points for the look (total black) and then presents La Sad, who goes down the staircase with sunglasses (+5), navel (+5) and a visible nipple (+10). She goes down to the audience (+15) and steals a handbag for a perfect Pelù Bonus (+20). The owner laughs amusedly, while the trio also accumulates the bonus for the performers on stage (+15). The (chaotic) show ends with flowers to the conductor (+10) and a hug (+10) – but also a high five (+5) – to Amadeus. No pencil received. We also remember that the last artist to perform collects 10 points (and the last presenter 5).

Sangiovanni among pencils, hats and dedications

We return to Total Black with Nek and Renga, the latter discreetly shows a pencil in his pocket (+20). They present sangiovanni, dressed in black (+10) and with hat (Aries Bonus, +5). End of performance: a broom appears (+18). Renga brings it and then Sangiovanni takes it. Who at the end says: “I’m also giving you this, there’s an important message behind it.” Things? The pencil for the European Bonus. The Fantasanremo themed curtain ends with a dedication to the parents (+10).

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«Free» cleaver

Annalisa presents Fiorella Mannoia. Both choose outfits “free” from the rules of Fantasanremo. A performance generally devoid of bonuses, apart from the canonical thanks, which are worth 5 points.

Declaration of peace for the Negramaro

Emma shows up with sunglasses (+5) and a pencil, which Amadeus puts in his pocket. She introduces the Negramaros, all in total black looks except Sangiorgi, with a “50 Shades of Grey” suit. The kiss between fellow countrymen is a nice moment, but it’s not enough: for the Rosa bonus you have to kiss someone in the audience, not another singer in the competition. The group is the first to perform after midnight (+5). Final peace declaration (+10).

Ghali come Michael Jackson

Mahmood in a leather (and black) dress presents Ghali, who misses out on the all-black bonus but dares with the shiny Chanel-style jacket that winks at Michael Jackson-style gloves. He thanks-many times-(+5) but takes the bouquet of flowers away.

Diodato, a pencil for Amadeus

Dressed in black again tonight, The Kolors (+10), and holding a hyper visible pencil (+20) for the European Bonus, present Diodato, who appears in a burgundy suit. He immediately challenges the Fantasanremo people by sitting on the stairs: perhaps the first Malus of the evening (-5). A group of dancers arrives who we are not sure are worth as performers (if they were they would be worth 15 points). However, in the end he delivers – always very politely – the flowers to the conductor. And a pencil (+20) to Amadeus.

Standing ovation (partial) for Angelina Mango

Irama arrives on stage (needless to say, total black outfit, +10 points) to present Angelina Mango, who doesn’t give in and goes down the stairs in a very colorful dress that doesn’t even show her navel. No points for her look, in short. However, the public stands up, at least partially: at least he takes home 10 points.

The Rich and the Poor, «flamingo look»

BigMama confirms herself as an avid Fantansaremo player. Here she is coming down the stairs of the Ariston – this time without tripping – dressed in black (+10) but above all showing off a wonderful tiara (+10). Who does she introduce? The Rich and the Poor, dressed in pink and above all feathered (+10). A “flamingo look”, in short, her. Complete with flared trousers (+15). Around them, performers (+15). «Can I give Lucio a flower? Our dear master.” Here it is, another Bonus.

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Alessandra Amorosa, will she still be last?

Dargen in white presents Alessandra Amoroso (in black, + 10). «Did you like me?», Do you ask at the end of the performance? And then she thanks. The first in the ranking is relaxing tonight, the last in the ranking should perhaps work a little more.

Rose Villain and the curtain with pencil and Gazelles

Gazzelle follows the Sanremo 2024 look, as does Rose Villain: both total black (+10). The former presents the latter. The twist comes at the end of the performance, when Rose says: “There’s something I have to steal from you.” Gazzelle shows off the pencil and hands it to him: «I’ll give it back to you in June», she adds. Perfect awareness campaign for the European Championships in June, the special bonus that is only valid tonight. Twenty well-deserved points for both.

Mr Rain misses the hug

Mr Rain (in total grey, no bonus) is presented by Il Volo (they are in total black, + 10). He also thanks (+5) and gives flowers to the conductor (+10). Which he embraces with passion, forgetting that he was supposed to give the embrace to Amadeus. Il Volo nonchalantly take out a pencil to make some (fake) notes on the cardboard: 20 points for them.

French Saints, Rite Bonus

Clara wears black for the first time (+10) as a presenter. The performance, however, is by the French Saints. Who thank (+5) and give the bouquet of flowers to the conductor. Tonight Fantasanremo starts uphill.

Bnkr44 play defense

Fred De Palma has a lot to do presenting the numerous bnkr44s. Cowboy clothes. Ritual thanks (+5) and little else.

The first pencil is by Maninni

Alfa co-presents in total black (+10) presents Maninni, who goes down the stairs in black (+10), with a flower in her hair (+10) and a pencil resting on her ear (+20). Here is the first singer to take advantage of the European Union Bonus. Are the trousers flared (+15) or palazzo trousers?

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Three tries the “napple”

The first co-presenter is Loredana Bertè, who chooses not to take the stairs and therefore loses five points. She tries black, but it’s not quite as “total” as that of Il Tre, the first singer to perform. And for this she gets 10 points. The navel is visible (+5) and perhaps we also glimpse a “nappy touch” (+10). Nice final speech that encourages you to fight your fragilities, but we don’t know if it can be included in some bonuses. The flowers go (rightly) to her mother, who sang to her throughout the performance.

15 singers sing, 15 present

Even tonight there are 15 singers performing, while the other 15 take on the role of co-presenters. Watch out for errors in management: anyone can win and lose points. In the meantime, it’s best to take one last look at the lineup.

Third evening: a special bonus

Dargen D’Amico first, Alessandra Amoroso last. We start from here, but everything is still to be decided: we are in the middle of Fantasanremo – like Sanremo for that matter – and the games are not over at all. On Thursday, many competing artists decided to take advantage of the off-stage bonuses – a song with the Fantasanremo Orchestra (+20), a pair of mustaches drawn on their posters (+10), a photo with the city’s lights (+ 10) – and they are ready to go on stage. How many will dare to dress in a color other than black? Who will keep the bouquet of flowers, without giving it to the conductor? We always hope for an improvised train in the stalls (+30). But tonight there is an important Special Bonus: whoever brings a pencil on stage will win an extra point (+20). Pencil like the copying pencil that we will use to cast our vote in the European elections next June. Because it’s fun to play, but the game can also carry important messages.

February 8, 2024

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