Home Sports The playoff dress rehearsal goes badly Ivrea gets back together Lost the home factor

The playoff dress rehearsal goes badly Ivrea gets back together Lost the home factor

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The playoff dress rehearsal goes badly Ivrea gets back together Lost the home factor

The Ivrea forward against Lascaris, but it is not enough In the first round of the play-offs it will be played in Pianezza


Bad defeat of Ivrea, which throws away the chance to play the playoff at home against Lascaris. A burning defeat because Conta’s ranks were not inferior, but he paid dearly for an erroneous referee evaluation during the draw and a serious defensive inattention on the second goal of the guests.

After the orange lead, nothing bode overturning because, apart from a sensational Munari save near the goal line at the start of the second half, the guests had never been dangerous around Alice. And so on Sunday we go to Pianezza where a draw will not be enough to continue in the playoffs, but a victory will be needed to challenge Alpignano in the second round. For the record, the winner of the second round, which takes place within the group, will challenge the winner of group A with access to the higher category at stake.

Returning to the game, it starts under a violent storm and it is Ivrea that immediately takes over the reins of the game, making the opponents run three dangers in the first minutes. At 5 ‘it is Zamuner who commits Zaccone, imitated shortly after by Tallarida, and Zaccone arrives at the parade in two stages. Lascaris strikes the first shot at half an hour when D’Agostino is projected into the orange area and then serves the incoming Aiello in the center, who kicks out a little. Very dangerous guests at 21 ‘. On a kick from the flag, Vassallo tries first with his head and sends the ball against the crossbar, while on the rebound the quickest is Botta who, in a semi-reversal from two steps, sends the ball back against the crossbar before the orange defense frees. Having escaped the danger, the oranges return forward and with an insistent action in the 33rd minute they become dangerous, but Amoruso loses the right moment to shoot. Shortly after the orange took the lead with Munari, quick to hit the net due to a misunderstanding between goalkeeper and defender. The Lascaris struggles to react and before the end of time Susbenso from the limit sends the sphere out of a void.

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The recovery also sees the orange forward. Luca Soster is stopped at the last minute by a defender who immolates himself on his low shot from close range, hijacking the ball for a corner. From the flag Amoruso catches the unmarked Cabras, who in the heart of the area takes off well with his head but does not frame the goal. After Munari’s rescue on Aiello’s under-sized goal, the orange protested for a hand ball in the guest area, but the referee did not grant the penalty. Much more serious, however, is the decision not to punish a foul intervention by Marginean on D and Masi, which triggers a 3-on-2 action and yields the equal of Di Carlo, who overtakes Alice with an angled low shot. The game then continues without rings until the 37th minute, when a free kick from the trocar beaten by Ghironi finds Pretti in the heart of the orange area, who bags on the fly. The reaction of the orange is furious: at 39 ‘a Sardaro descent ends with a cross that crosses the whole small area without finding companions ready to tap in, while at 44’ Vitale, received a corner kick, turns it on the fly, but the conclusion is central and Zaccone blocks. Zaccone himself, in full recovery, opposes Sardaro’s conclusion with his feet, extinguishing the remaining orange hopes. –

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