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The Po Valley on two wheels from Moncenisio to Trieste along Aida

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The Po Valley on two wheels from Moncenisio to Trieste along Aida

Thus was born the idea of ​​trying to create a cycle route that would connect at least the main cities of Northern Italy through the Po Valley. The starting goal was very pragmatic. It was not a question of creating the perfect cycle path, with dedicated infrastructures, with horizontal and vertical signs, mechanical assistance points and all the technical specifications that distinguish the best cycle routes around the world.

Rather, it was a question of doing what can realistically be done in Italy under the given conditions. The highest infrastructure standards for cycle paths, such as can be found from Switzerland to South Korea, have therefore been left aside at least temporarily.

Minimalist approach, excellent result

For Aida, Fiab has chosen a different approach: making the most of what already existed; “Sewing” together single sections of short cycle paths, disconnected from each other; explore the potential of the secondary road network with very low traffic density to connect these minor infrastructures to the network; exploit all the exploitable as banks of canals, farm roads, neighborhoods.

It is thanks to this method, perhaps minimalist but effective, that Fiab, with a network of 19 thousand members, has gradually managed to give life to Aida. Other much more ambitious initiatives, however, are proceeding slowly due to bureaucratic-administrative obstacles and despite the excellent quality of the initial projects and the financial resources allocated.

An app like cycle guide

Yeah, the financial resources. Certainly not a small detail. The money was found by Fiab thanks to crowdfunding, the digital equivalent of the old collection between friends, relatives and acquaintances. In 2019, € 40,600 were raised.

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