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The Poetry City Marathon: Promoting Ecological Protection, Cultural Tourism, and Heritage in Ma’anshan City

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The City of Chinese Poetry: Ma’anshan Marathon Promotes Ecological Protection and Cultural Tourism

Ma’anshan City, located in the eastern part of Anhui Province, has a long history and rich cultural heritage. Known as the City of Chinese Poetry, this picturesque city is implementing a new development concept that focuses on ecological priority and green development. In line with this vision, the Huishang Bank 2023 Ma’anshan·Caishiji Half Marathon recently kicked off, attracting 15,000 runners who took part in various events, including a half marathon, happy fitness run, and family parent-child run.

The marathon, with the theme of “Take the lead and protect the Yangtze River,” aimed to promote Ma’anshan’s comprehensive ecological improvement work on the Yangtze River and showcase the city’s history, culture, and river scenery resources. This event holds significant importance in promoting social and economic exchanges in the area, as well as urban vitality and tourism consumption.

The Ma’anshan Marathon, hosted by the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and the Ma’anshan Municipal People’s Government, received the highest level A1 event certification of the Chinese Athletics Association. It served as a platform to promote the city’s image as an “ecological blessing” and to stimulate the integrated economic development of the Yangtze River Delta.

Furthermore, the marathon course was strategically chosen to highlight the beauty and cultural significance of the Yangtze River. Runners traversed various special parks and scenic areas, enjoying the picturesque landscape while taking part in the competition.

The event also aimed to stimulate cultural tourism by launching the “Cai Ma Tour of Poetry City” activity, enabling participants to visit nine scenic spots, including national parks and temples, to further promote the city’s cultural tourism industry.

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Additionally, the medals awarded to participants were designed to incorporate the cultural elements of the Yangtze River, Caishiji Scenic Area, and Ma’anshan Lingjiatan Site, showcasing the city’s rich historical heritage.

Ma’anshan City’s initiative to use sports events as an effective carrier for inheriting history and culture and promoting ecological and environmental protection development is evident in the success of the marathon. The event has not only attracted participants from across the country but also garnered attention for its unique focus on ecological protection and cultural tourism promotion.

As Ma’anshan City continues its journey toward high-quality development, the marathon event stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to showcasing its rich cultural heritage and promoting ecological protection and development.

The first Ma’anshan Marathon has set a high standard with its carefully planned event activities and scientific design, marking a significant milestone for the city’s sports and cultural tourism industries.

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