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The Pordenone restarts with Tedino: equal on the field of the leaders

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PISA. Pordenone’s soul is back, Tedino’s temper that was missing so much is back, finally a point is back, after eight games in which only one had been won. And here is the team again under the curve to thank the fans.

On the field of the leaders Pisa comes a precious draw, the first in the history of the lizards at the Garibaldi Arena, where they had never even scored: in the standings it does not change much, it remains the last place, but in the morale it changes a lot.

Yes, because the spirit now seems the right one. The team demonstrates that they have already assimilated the mentality of the coach and believe in the salvation enterprise, which remains a very hard climb, but no longer impossible.

It doesn’t matter if the 1-1 goal comes in full recovery on a sensational gift from the hosts, because the change of pace was evident anyway. Now under with Como, still away, Thursday evening. The first win goal has never been so close.

The leaders frightens with the attacking couple Marsura-Lucca: in the stands there is the Azzurri coach Mancini to follow the deeds of the giant striker of the under 21, rising star of Italian football, wanted by half Serie A.

Tedino on his debut, compared to the last formation fielded by Rastelli, recovers the defense with four and as many “big”: Falasco left back, Petriccione in the middle always in the left-handed “chain”, Folorunsho right wing alongside the Tsadjout “buoy”.

And the mental work done by the new technician in his first week is immediately evident. The other seven elevenths of the team, in fact, take the field with a decidedly different attitude, unprecedented this season.

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Having escaped the initial double danger – Lucca’s shot deflected for a corner and Sibilli’s attempt at the peak of the subsequent action – Pordenone proved to be alive, perky, attentive in defense, ready to take advantage of the counterattacks and to attack with conviction.

Attitude that leads to the conquest of the first corner in the 4 ‘: from the flag the ball reaches Tsadjout, who beats without fail and finds the miraculous opposition of Nicolas.

Pisa is not watching, they play their game, they press, but they cannot be distracted, because the neroverdi are lurking: at 21 ‘Petriccione goes to the shot on a counterattack, at half an hour a conclusion of Folorunsho.

Even if Perisan had to use all his talent to deflect a great right from Hermannsson, the first half ended with a draw that reflects the values ​​on the pitch, in a “head-tail” match only on paper.

At the beginning of the second half Tedino loses Barison due to injury, Bassoli enters, the plot does not change. Tsadjout with a nice turn puts the chills on Nicolas, but shortly after Pisa passes: free kick from the short left side of di Beruatto and Caracciolo, left free, head anticipates everyone and ball to the corner.

Pordenone immediately tried to react with a couple of incursions by Cambiaghi, who came out with Zammarini and Petriccione in the 24th minute: a triple change, inside Pinato, Sylla and Kupisz.

In 10 minutes of recovery (necessary following the replacement of the injured referee) also Ciciretti for El Kaouakibi.

Before the final siege, Perisan has to save a somewhat reckless backpass of Falasco by sliding along the line. Then it’s just Pordenone.

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And at 96 ‘the well-deserved equal goal arrives, even if Pisa hurts himself: Caracciolo lightens the goalkeeper to waste time, Nicolas hesitates pressed by Folorunsho, who believes it (with Rastelli would he have done it?), Steals from him ball and remains alone in front of the empty goal.

Second goal in neroverde for “The mask”. And it is a very heavy goal. The one that can really launch the rescue.


PISA (4-3-1-2): Nicolas; Hermannsson (11 ′ st Birindelli), Caracciolo, Leverbe, Beruatto; Tourè, Nagy (45 ′ st De Vitis), Marin; Sibilli (11 ‘st Gucher); Marsura (25 ‘st Cohen), Lucca. Available: Dekic, Livieri, Mastinu, Quaini, Masucci, Di Quinzio, Cisco, Piccinini. All. D’Angelo.

PORDENONE (4-3-3): Perisan; El Kaouakibi (43 ′ st Ciciretti), Camporese, Barison (4 ′ st Bassoli), Falasco; Zammarini (24 ′ st Sylla), Pasa, Petriccione (24 ′ st Kupisz); Folorunsho, Tsadjout, Cambiaghi (24 ′ st Pinato). Available: Bindi, Stefani, Pellegrini, Magnino, Misuraca, Valietti, Pinato, Perri. All. Tedino.

Referee: Tremolada di Monza. Assistants: Galetto di Rovigo and Di Giacinto di Teramo. Fourth officer: Perenzoni of Rovereto. Var: Pezzuto di Lecce. Avaricious: Masterpiece of Molfetta.

Markers: in the second half, at 12 ‘Caracciolo, at 51’ Folorunsho.

Note: Marin and El Kaouakibi warned. Corners: 5-7. Recovery: 0 ′ pt. Spectators 5,712, receipts 101,675 euros.

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