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The positivity of 2016 but the prosecutor is certain “Manipulated test tube”

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Before Tokyo, Schwazer was the last Olympic gold medal in Italian athletics. He won it in 2008 in Beijing. In 2010 he is also European champion in the 20 km after the disqualification of the Russian Emeljanov. In August 2012, his erythropoietin positivity was announced: disqualification at 3 years and 6 months, and farewell to the London Olympics. Alex admits to doping. Three years later he returned to training under the guidance of Donati, with a protocol of assiduous checks. However, on 21 June 2016, the new testorone positivity was communicated, after a check in Racines (Bolzano) on 1 January. From here begins the legal battle of Schwazer, who professes himself innocent, and of Donati. In August his disqualification for 8 years is made official. The criminal proceedings are opened in Bolzano, with expert reports on the test tubes – which the Cologne laboratory does not make available for a long time – which reveal an excessive concentration of DNA in the urine. According to the Prosecutor’s Office it is proof of the manipulation of the sample. Sports justice, however, rejects the request for suspension of the disqualification.

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